There are many occasions when you will be faced with the task of sending out thank you notes to friends, family and well-wishers to express your gratitude for thoughtful gestures.

These occasions bring out anxiety in a lot of people because the sheer time spent having to write out thank you notes seems like a Herculean task. Due to this, a lot of people tend to procrastinate when it comes to sending out these notes. But don’t fret, because here is a guide to sending your thank you notes is an efficient and effortless manner.

–Why Sending Thank You Notes is a Must

Thank you notes are a fabulous way of showing someone that you appreciate a special gesture that they have done for you. If someone for instance, has invested time and money to gift you a present, a note to convey your gratitude is called for.

That person could have very well used that time and money on themselves, but have reserved it to offer it to you. Keeping that in mind, a thank you note is the least you can do to make their gesture feel appreciated. It is something that will take mere moments out of your hectic day and will go an extra mile in making someone feel treasured.

Thank you notes open the line of communication between you and the person you are sending it to. It leaves you on top of mind with that person, as your gesture is considered a thoughtful one. That is why many people are pretty vocal about sending out thank you notes after formal occasions such as job interviews.

This keeps you on top of your potential employer’s mind and leaves them with a favorable impression of you. Who knows, a simple thank you note could also influence their hiring decision. It can go a long way in extending your career as well as your personal relationships.

–What occasions call for thank you notes?

You should send out thank you notes when someone is thoughtful enough to give you a gift. It doesn’t matter how much the gift is valued at, what matters is the intent with which it was given. Majestic occasions such as birthday, Christmas, thanksgiving, and other critical dates of personal-gifting are appropriate times for thank you notes.

If you have just interviewed for a job, sending out a thank you note as a token of appreciation is a judicious and salient way to keep yourself on top of your potential employers’ mind. Even if the interview didn’t go well, it has managed to teach you about your weaknesses, which is a valuable insight.

If someone goes out of their way to help you with something either professionally or personally, you should send them a thank you note. Especially from a professional standpoint, it allows you to create lasting relationships with your co-workers, clients, or subordinates.

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