–Redefining the Operation of a Smart Property Management Business

Staying on top of a successful property management portfolio is no small feat. With multiple clients and multiple properties to track, as well as multiple residents involved, challenges and problems can stack up quickly.

It’s no surprise that a property management firm used to one type of management can be quickly overwhelmed by an entirely different challenge. This is because one of the critical keys to good performance day after day is time management.

The fact is, there are simply too many issues that can happen in a multi-purpose property management portfolio. This is why many firms choose to instead focus on just one area versus many. Some take on work that just involves billing homeowner association neighborhoods.

It’s quiet, monotonous work. No surprise, the profit margins are thin as well since a firm is just payment processing. So focus on rental properties. The goal is to fill units as quickly as possible, keep costs down, and maximize revenue.

However, these same shops have to manage tenant issues and maintenance as well. That said, firms that can manage different tasks are rare, or employees get overwhelmed. Again, time management makes many firms believe that niche services are what’s reasonably possible.

–A reasonable solution

The most common complaints about property management companies are a lack of timely communication. With a professional answering service, more time can be freed up to focus on maximizing a business’ reach and growth, and less time being spent on issue intake. It may seem menial but answering phones and taking information can eat up a lot of time in the day.

Further, it can cost a full employee’s expense, which may not be fully utilized, depending when the calls from tenants, homeowners, and clients come in. Yet with a professional answering service, the resources are dedicated to when the demand occurs. And your company’s time is focused on what it does best, generating business and profits.

For example, Peak Answering provides 24/7 answering support that can range from basic information collection to scripted, detailed involvement and case tracking intake. The scope and level of involvement mainly depends on what a property management customer needs in terms of an answering service.

For some, simply answering the phones with a live voice and taking a message is enough. For others it can be first, second and third level solution management, depending on scripts and automated answers for case questions, which are customizable to your needs.

So if your business is struggling to keep up with its workload and paper-filling, or you’re wondering if your office can even think of taking on a new aspect to property management, there is a way. Spend your valuable time, energy and financial assets on what matters most for your business. Don’t lose valuable hours and costs to bureaucracy that every company must deal with.

By refocusing with Peak Answering Service, your attention and efforts can be put to maximum productivity versus the minimum output that so often occurs. Peak Answering can turn your business around in property management and produce a winner not possible when your people are stretched or misdirected. Change the dynamic and see the results go exponential.