Your blog is the lynch pin of your marketing strategy, but constant updates may be more difficult than you thought when you started. While guest posts from other bloggers may help to fill in the gaps on those days when you have nothing to post, they may be a tall order on short notice.

However, there are for websites on the internet that have a large staff of writers ready and willing to generate a post for your blog within a few hours for a price you can afford. Check out these four great places to get content for your blog.

1. Blogmutt

Blogmutt specializes in blog entries and is perhaps the best place to go if you want articles in bulk. You have the freedom to select the topic as well as set a series of sliders to determine what you are looking for in your blog entries (newsy vs evergreen, topical vs promotional etc). You pay a flat monthly rate for set number of blog entries.

Writers are paid a flat rate and submit work to you based on the set of topics and guidelines that you post to your dashboard. You may receive a hundred submissions but you can only buy as many as your plan allows for (from 1-5 posts a week) and the remainder go into a queue that you can pull from in subsequent weeks.

You are free to request revisions, reject inappropriate work, or move posts up/down the queue as you see fit. Blogmutt is a great place to build an inventory of potential blog posts to fill in the gaps in your posting schedule.

2. Interact Media

Interact Media is a website that employs a number of writers on its Zerys platform. Unlike Blogmutt it doesn’t offer a casting call system but rather a job board where freelancers can accept your assignment. This is a more efficient way to get time-sensitive content, as one particular writer will be working on your assignment based upon your deadline.

Their smartpost system lets you customize how much you offer for the article on a cent per-word basis, and this will slowly increase up to the maximum price per work you are willing to pay. Most assignments are accepted well before they achieve the maximum price per word.

All writers on the platform have a star rating that is determined by the work that they have submitted to clients, and you are able to select favorite writers and request direct assignments from them if you think that they perform quality work.

3. Copify is a site that offers more flexibility and transparency than the other services. One of the biggest selling points is that you will know who is doing the work for you and be able to review their online reputation through their profile.

Many services keep their writers anonymous but Copify has an open copywriter directory so that you can see not only the ratings of the writer who will be working on your assignment but also the comments of those who they have worked for in the past.

You are free to order content one post at a time or place a bulk order as is appropriate to your situation, and these will go out to the Copify writing pool for the price you determine. The rate is based upon two tiers of writers: standard writers and professional writers and you will need to compose a brief detailing what you require for your blog post.

4. Textbroker

Textbroker is another option that is very similar to Interact Media, but there are distinct differences. It has a large stable of writers and may be the best place to form a team of writers that you want to work with regularly. You can submit open orders to the job board and determine if you want to have the job open to star ratings of 1-5 star writers, but the higher the star rating you ask for the more difficult it will be to fulfill the assignment.

Unlike Interact Media or Copify writer quality is not determined by client satisfaction with their work. The star rating is determined by a team of editors that review the work long after the fact, and while there is a large number of 2-3 star writers 4-5 star writers are in much shorter supply. This is why it is a good idea to form writer teams of 4-5 star writers and submit your requests as team orders or direct orders.