There are many ways to market your business online, so when it comes to determining the best use of your advertising budget you could quickly become overwhelmed. Some business owners like to stick with what they know or those search ad campaigns that pop up the most. However, an important advertising resource that might get overlooked is the use of Facebook.

Consider the following five reasons to use Facebook advertising. If you don’t know how to advertise on Facebook, today may be the day to learn.

1. Reach Thousands of People on a Tiny Budget. In the US, the minimum spend for Facebook is less than a dollar a day. This incredibly small budget covers exposure to literally thousands of people. This doesn’t refer to random groups of people, but to the specific set of targeted audience members that will boost your business. Compared to some of the other popular advertising groups, this means phenomenal results. Look for multiple bid types in order to determine the most appropriate structure for your ad campaign.

2. Facebook Offers Great Targeting Options for Ads. The ability to target ads to specific user demographics and interests provides better results than targeting through user searches. The refinement offered through Facebook ads is truly exciting.

Here are some examples:

  • You can refine your search to small business owners or to those over 30 who are likely to hold leadership positions in the workplace. You can target users according to their interests using terms such as “business” or “advertising”.
  • Establish an age range within a specific gender – women, for example. Then refine the search to those women who only tend to shop online.
  • Limit your ads to show to people within your specific geographic area. You can do this by country, city, or zip code area.

3. Facebook Is Already Popular Enough to Include Your Customers. There are already a good number of active users on Facebook. Their own estimate is 1.28 billion users and more than 800 million of those are active every day. No matter what type of business you run, there will be members of your target audience actively participating on Facebook. Utilize their targeting options in order to hone in on those individuals who will be influenced by your advertising.

4. Conveniently Track Your Spending, Performance, and ROI.  As with all areas of your budget, you want to know how effectively your money is being spent. Facebook advertising makes it easy to track your expenses, how well your ads are performing, and the ROI results. The information you can get includes:

  • Total number of times the ad was shown, the number of individuals who saw the ad, and the frequency of viewing
  • The number of clicks, page likes, comments, shares, and other actions taken by people who viewed the ad
  • Cost data based on your specified goals

5. Facebook Advertising Can Give You an Important Edge. In spite of the success and exposure that Facebook advertising promises, many businesses have not yet taken advantage of this tool. If your competitors aren’t using Facebook yet, then you have the chance to give yourself a powerful edge over your competition.

It’s Time to Get Started

You may need a little bit of help at first if you haven’t used Facebook ads yet. This effort will be well worth your time. If you aren’t confident setting the ads up, then an experienced ad manager can assist you and the results will be well worth it.