Today, many manufacturing companies are discovering the benefits of using distribution inventory software in the daily operations of their businesses. One reason that this software is so popular is that it helps a company to quickly resolve inventory issues. For instance, if a particular item of inventory is missing, this software can track it down efficiently using a serial number.

In the past, it may have taken several people from various departments to find a missing item of inventory. This software helps to streamline the process of locating inventory so employees can move on to more important tasks.

Check out some of the other reasons why so many companies are opting for this type of software.

1. A Paperless System. Distribution software allows a company to avoid using large amounts of paper. This is because it is not necessary to print out lists of inventory so that all the items in a warehouse can be accounted for. The system keeps track of serial numbers and product types. Not surprisingly, when a company has accurate inventory numbers, it operates more efficiently.

The paperless system saves companies money and helps their bottom lines. Plus, a company is helping the environment by using less paper in the course of its operations.

2. Easily Accessible Information. Finally, employees in a company’s distribution department can easily access the inventory data on this software for greater efficiency. They can refer to the software to find different types of merchandise as well as total counts, reports, etc.

It saves time when an employee doesn’t have to stop what he or she is doing to call or go talk to a person in another location regarding an inventory issue. This software streamlines the process of keeping track of the inventory of a company and allows employees to focus on more important tasks.

3.  Consistency and efficiency. Consumers now require faster and efficient distribution of their goods when they place orders from almost every eCommerce or distribution company. Companies that don’t change with time can easily lose lots of consumer confidence and business. Most companies are changing with time and implementing new and improves software systems that makes it easy to track orders and make shipments on time and efficiently without losing consumer confidence.

4. Little room for error. Automation processes when implemented well, leaves little room for error on the part of employees. Errors cannot be avoided in a human institution, but with improved automation software, most companies are limiting these errors.

Distribution companies that deal with different suppliers can also minimise errors in inventory information. Requests from consumers for different products from different suppliers are all being handles efficiently with great software that are being improved everyday.

5. Customer satisfaction. Customers are the most greatest assets of every company. To keep pace in today’s commerce marketplace, manufacturing and distribution companies are required to meet customer needs at all times.

Robust software that improves the consistency of your day-to-day processes can translate into customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer means more business in the future. Focus on satisfying your customers and invest in the right software for your business.