Thousands of apps are being released each month. You may not lose anything if you don’t keep up with all the new and exciting apps that are released every month. But if you want to try some of the best new apps this year, these apps are worth your attention. From Yahoo’s new news app to LinkedIn’s connection app, these are some the most popular new apps that that have so far been released this year.

1. Hyperlapse –allows you to take time-lapse videos, without the need for fancy, expensive equipment. (by Instagram)

2. Slingshot (iOS and Android, Free) –lets you quickly share moments—little and big—with lots of people at once. (by Facebook)

Slingshot by Facebook

3. Yahoo News Digest (iOS and Android, Free)  — top global news headlines delivered in quick and visual summaries, twice a day.

4.  Poki  — is a brand new beautiful Pocket client for Windows and Windows Phone.


5. Mirage — lets you send unrecorded photo, video, text and voice messages in a second.

6. Yo (iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone, free) — a fun way to notify people and is faster than texting.


7. Poachable — lets you discreetly discover career opportunities.

8. LinkedIn’s Connected app — helps you keep track what’s going on in the professional lives of your linkedIn connections.

LinkedIn connected app

9. Knozen –lets coworkers rate each other’s personalities anonymously.

10. Timeful –task-management app. Part calendar, part to-do list.


11. Ultravisual, a photo and video sharing app for the iPhone.

12. Overcast — a powerful yet simple audio podcast player.

Overcast app


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