The technology and communications industries are booming, and for good reason; the internet, computers, data and telephones dominate our lives, forming an integral part of the day to day goings on in every nation on Earth. As the key to much of this growth and spread of technology, the internet is an integral tool for anyone wishing to get their own slice of the tech- based pie, but how can you set up an online business? Is it a walk in the park?

Starting an online company isn’t as expensive as you might initially think. Storefront based businesses require a large amount of capital to start up, thanks to the need to buy retail space, create relevant materials and hire staff. With an online company, the most important thing is the right idea that can scale.

1. What product or service will you be providing? The most important thing to think about at this stage is what niche of the market you will be occupying; millions of other people are likely to have thought of the exact same idea as you, so your individuality, past expertise and ability to sell your product are all incredibly important.

2. The ability to create something that is hitherto unknown in the world of e-commerce is absolutely paramount and cannot be stressed enough, and will boost your chances of success massively! Take Amazon; prior to its founding, buying items online was an insecure chore. Now, online sales are greater than regular retail sales.

3. Next, you have to register your business in accordance with your country or state’s laws. At this point, having a business plan is very important, as outlining the various costs relating to operation, shipping (if you will be handling the goods yourself), taxes, web fees etc. Even though you intend to run an online business, its important to register the business to avoid regulation issues along the line when begin full operation from a physical office.

Take care of all the pieces of a registered business and everything related to operating a profitable online business. Knowing business regulations will also make sure you don’t blindly walk into any messy legal wrangling later down the line.

4. An ecommerce software can take care of most the initial set up problems. Most online ecommerce softwares provides the basics of setting up an online shop whilst you concentrate on selling out products. This can speed up the time it takes to launch your online business.

An All- inclusive software could be a good choice, especially if you are not knowledgeable regarding building an online commerce application(even if you know how to do it, it’s always better to rely on a robust and reliable software that is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people).Accepting payment won’t be an issue since it’s also built into tmost ecommerce  softwares. PayPal is also a good choice, and will lend credence to your business in the eyes of the customer.

5. Now for the final part: selling. Good exposure can be a significant factor in the success of your online business; social media is an exceptional way to make your name known across the world, and it’s free! Take advantage of it. other advertising tools  can also increase revenue. Opportunities like Google’s AdSense can really help boost your profits (if you have marketing budget for it).

6. Your sales can also be boosted by promotions such as money-off deals, bulk purchase discounts and free giveaways. Take online gaming site, for instance, where free plays of certain games are often provided to customers, as well as offers relating to odds and prizes. You will create a great positive image in the process and customers that otherwise would never have used the service or bought the product are enticed into buying, perhaps creating a lifelong customer in the process! Think about attracting and retaining customers over a long period of time.