There is always a clear difference between a remarkable boss and a bad leader. A horrible boss is an employee’s worst nightmare. Your life will be terrifying if you constantly have to work with a boss who just doesn’t want to treat employees right or possibly doesn’t know how to get the best out his or her employees. Employees are the greatest assets of a business. An employee can break a business when treated badly. They won’t care about your business.

Bad bosses fail to communicate, and may not even have, expectations, timelines or goals. They intimidate people and bully staff. They are indecisive and micromanage. They discuss negative events continually and searches for faults in employees. And they are resistant to change.

If you need a checklist to decide how terrible your boss really is, these characteristics can help you decide if it’s time to move on to another company. Want to avoid becoming a terrible boss? Afraid that you may already be considered a horrible boss? These 12 annoying personality traits of a horrible boss (compiled and designed by Officevibe, a company dedicated to improving corporate culture) can be a heads up if you are a leader.