Would you rather be a spender or saver? You are a saver if you are a chronic budgeter and keep record of your spending habit. Savers are likely to have a long-term outlook that likely includes smart retirement planning.  Savers tend to be naturally patient and more responsible, they hold back on giving or using money and have trouble spending.

Others prefer to get what you want, when you want it. Spenders are spontaneous and have less holding them back. Some people love to spend but responsibility. spenders can make impulsive decisions and end up with nothing to show for their hard work. The important lesson here is to figure out what money habits work best for you now and will still work for you in the future and spend or save accordingly. Savers need to lighten up; spenders need to tighten up.

The following infographic by Newcastle Permanent Building Society explores the common money habits of savers and spenders.



  1. Hi Thomas,

    Great infografic.

    The one that really surprised me was ‘most likely to past time’. Movies or Pub?

    Looking at the infografic I’m definitely a saver!


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