As well as opening up small businesses to a larger audience than ever, the internet is full of useful tools which can make operations simple, more efficient and more profitable. Here we look at 10 online tools every small business should be taking advantage of. There are apps for collaboration, communication, small task outsourcing, scheduling, customer management, marketing and crowdsourcing for your projects.

1. Google My Business

Increase your company’s visibility on Google with the Google My Business service, which shares important information and contact details with potential customers. The tool makes it simpler for customers to find your company and understand the operations and benefits – offering contact details, directions and even independent reviews.

2. People Per Hour

Many small businesses require a lot of skills and disciplines to become a huge success. Rather than trying your hand at jobs outside of your skillset and comfort zone, hire an affordable freelancer to complete the task. People Per Hour is the hub used by thousands of freelancers across hundreds of disciplines, making it the perfect place to find a professional to complete your tasks within your budget.

3. Dropbox

Making it easier to work anywhere, Dropbox is the cloud storage system allowing you to save and access work remotely. Access can be shared with trusted partners, colleagues and employees, making the work process a lot simpler and more efficient. The service can be accessed from computers, tablets and smart phones – making the process even more efficient.

4. Write Email by Voice

If you like to utilise your commute time effectively, the Write Email by Voice tool makes it simpler and safer for you to dictate emails using only your voice. This simple tool allows you to produce emails quickly and accurately, making it easier to conduct business from anywhere. The tool is also operational for creating SMS messages.

5. Rapid Parcel

Helping you find the most cost-effective courier service, Rapid Parcel is particularly beneficial for e-commerce companies or firms who deliver a high volume of products. The service allows you to input the size, weight and delivery info of your package and will then generate the costs across all the top courier services.

6. Skype

Used for more than just video chatting with your parents, Skype is a very useful business tool. Use the service to stay in constant contact with colleagues, clients and customers – creating a more personable and approachable service. It’s one of the cheapest ways to communicate with clients or partners.

7. Google Drive

Another cloud service, Google Drive makes it simple to store a wide range of different files which can be accessed and edited by a number of authorised parties. The auto-save feature ensures numerous parties can access and work on a saved file simultaneously.

8. Just 0845

Helping project a more professional image, Just 0845 is the great resource for free 0845 numbers. With a large volume of numbers available, you’ll be able to find the perfect number to give your business a professional edge.

9. LinkedIn

The professional social media platform, LinkedIn can be utilised for a wide range of important business matters. From organising meetings with potential clients and partners to sourcing the perfect employees, LinkedIn is a helpful aid through the entire life of a business. You can also publish your relevant and useful content with your connections.

10. Kickstarter

If you’re looking for a little extra funding for a new product or project, Kickstarter could be the ideal place to source those funds. The crowd-sourcing website allows companies or individuals to appeal for funding from the public. Put together a pitch and if it inspires the public, they may be forthcoming with obligation-free funding for your upcoming project.