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Trying to get the word out about your business in a competitive marketplace? No matter what size business you have, the Internet is a perfect way to grow your business. With multiple online presence options available to you, one or more are sure to help your business stand out in the crowd!

It’s essential for all small businesses to have an online identity in today’s digital world. The advantages the Internet offers are numerous and can help a small business not only get off the ground, but thrive in a competitive marketplace. Even if your business is doing well without the Internet, you may be missing out on new customers since 91% of consumers look for local goods or services online. Plus, most consumers prefer to research a business quickly by going online. Given the flexible options now available, there’s no reason why any business of any size can’t benefit from the Internet.

User friendly websites. Most people think of a website when it comes to taking their business online. A website can play a tremendous role in helping you succeed online, and the importance of building a website cannot be over emphasized if you intend to reach a wider audience.

Online Presence Alternatives. The evolution of how consumers digitally interact with businesses offers additional options to gain credibility and exposure with prospective customers, including the use of company-branded email and redirecting a branded web address to a social media page or online listing that acts as your website. Branded email means offering customers to contact you through a more personal and professional address, such as rather than mycompany@gmail.

Research shows customers are more inclined to engage through such as address.
Redirecting, also known as Web forwarding means using a web address like to “point” to other online resources (such as a Facebook or Etsy page). Using a web address in this way conveys a level of professionalism, creates a more direct path for your customer, and helps establish a marketing asset with long-term value to your business.

Social pages. Your website conveys almost everything you expect your users or customers to know about what you do or the products you sell. Social pages (profiles on social platforms) have proven to be one of the best ways small businesses are getting the most exposure for their businesses. If you are not already using Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest to attract prospective users, give it a try and get active on a social platform where your target audience can be found.

You don’t have to be necessarily active on every social platform. Pinterest works best for eCommerce businesses that have lot of product images to show consumers. If Twitter works better for you, make the most of it and grow your Twitter audience. If you constantly measurement your social marketing efforts, you will know which platform works best for your business. The right social media platform can significantly help you grow your web presence with little or minimal budget.

No matter what type of online presence best fits your comfort level and business needs, the most important decision you can make when establishing an online identity for your business is choosing the right domain name. It is crucial to a pick a domain name and find a great web address.

For about the price of lunch, a domain name will help brand your business while also giving it a consistent address that enables customers to find your business’ online “home” at any given time, and with any online presence. There are multiple domain extensions available, but .com and .net are the recognized standards for businesses online. As a small business, it’s critical to choose a domain extension customers know and trust so you can leverage its credibility for your businesses.

For any business, it’s extremely beneficial to establish an online identity! Read this guide about Getting your business online Q&A to help get your business get online without struggle.


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    Great advice – I think newbie business websites believe the saying “build it and they will come”.

    How wrong they are – Competition is fierce!

    This post is sure to help!


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