If you work in an environment where image and first impressions are important, Christmas is a great time of year to make a few eye-catching changes to your office, shop or showroom. A makeover for your place of work during the weeks before Christmas can create a huge impact with your customers and clients – particularly if your premises are open to the general public. There are some very exciting options to choose from when it comes to commercial flooring – and some of them can add a luxurious new dimension to your brand image.

Warm up proceedings at Christmas with luxury carpet tiles

Whether you work in a busy hotel or a high street retail store, luxury carpet delivers a range of benefits that can both increase staff morale and grow sales. Luxury carpet tiles provide insulation and noise absorption qualities, yet they can be fitted by a commercial flooring specialist in a matter of hours – with minimum disruption to your operations.

They provide a cushioning effect for the feet of weary shoppers and busy workers, but they also create an ambience of luxury and warmth that is very important during the festive season. And if an area of your floor becomes damaged, discoloured or worn, you can simply replace the affected tiles instead of re-fitting an entire carpet.

Create some festive spirit in the workplace with a luxury vinyl floor

Vinyl flooring is the ideal choice if you want to inject some colour into your workplace whilst ensuring maintenance and cleaning is kept to a minimum. There are some bright, vibrant colour combinations available – all of which are highly resilient to high-traffic areas, heat and moisture.

If you work in a busy retail environment with a high footfall, this could be the perfect way to give your business fresh impetus this Christmas. Dents, scratches and scuffs are kept to a minimum, and the cost involved is often significantly lower than fitting carpet.

The very best vinyl on the market delivers all the practical benefits you’d expect, as well as a premium aesthetic that can set your business apart from your competitors at a very important time of the year. Luxury vinyl tile is easy to fit, and highly cost effective because of the ability to repair damaged areas with just a few replacement tiles.

Give your employees’ feet the gift of comfort this Christmas with rubber flooring

In the same way as vinyl flooring is suited to high-traffic areas, rubber is durable, resistant to water and highly versatile. However, if you’re looking to provide a more cushioned surface, this could be the ideal floor covering for your business premises. It is very popular in hospitals and schools, as it provides a non-slip surface that ages well. And although there are hundreds of design a colour combinations to choose from, you’ll never be forced to compromises on ease of care or functionality.

Mark Christmas in style with a real wood floor

If you want to create the ‘wow’ factor this Christmas, nothing does it better during a workplace makeover than real wood flooring. Although relatively expensive and not as durable as other types of flooring, wood creates a level of luxury that can transform a business premises in just a few hours.

It offers significant benefits in terms of durability and its low-maintenance qualities, but its real magic comes from the way it looks. Particularly if your premises is accessed by the public, fitting a real wood floor at Christmas can truly give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

With so many options to choose from, you could be forgiven for being more than a little confused when it comes to choosing the best floor type for your Christmas workplace makeover. However, a consultation with a commercial flooring specialist should empower you to make the right decisions for your business, your staff and your customers.