When setting up a time clock within the establishment, there are many different styles to choose from. One of the more efficient methods is that of using badge-scanning devices. These units operate by quickly scanning a badge waved in front of the system.

Using encoding methods, these unique forms of identification act as a person’s way to “punch” in and out during shifts. These devices can offer additional functionality for improving efficiency in the workplace.

Identification of personnel

If you have a larger facility, employees may be difficult to track at times. Using badge identification, security and other employees are able to quickly verify if someone is supposed to be within the establishment or not. Some businesses may even choose to color coordinate badges in order to differentiate certain areas of a building. For instance, a blue badge may not be allowed to enter an area designated for gold-badge employees. This could help keep information and equipment away from unauthorized personnel.

Ethernet connectivity

Some badge scanning devices are able to connect directly to the Ethernet connection of your existing network. This gives you many different possibilities for the location of the scanning equipment without having to buy extra computer or electronic components. As these devices utilize standard TCP/IP 10/100 connections, installing the scanning device onto a network is quick and easy.

Quick time entry

Using a badge allows your employees to essentially scan-and-go. This reduces the time each person uses at the beginning and end of shifts by typing in passwords or keypad codes. For establishments that have a large number of employees, this can save a great deal of time during shift changes as each person can walk through the door quickly scanning the badge as they enter. Your business is likely to increase productivity when employees spend less time checking in and out.

Direct HR software

Most badge-scanning devices included software that can be installed on virtually any computer system. This gives your HR department complete control over various aspects such as monitoring overtime and leave accruals. It may be possible to install the application on a localized server while giving access to the software to multiple supervisory staff that need access to such information.

Time clocks can come in a wide variety of styles and capabilities. By finding the best method that works for your organization, you can begin saving money from payroll costs. Every bit of efficiency for the business is more money that is kept in the bank accounts.

Optimize your company by upgrading your method of timekeeping. Get the best tools to keep your employees doing actual work instead of wasting time filling lengthy forms or registering details that can be done better or faster.