A key tool to getting the word out about your new business is through marketing and advertising.  If you are starting your business from the ground up, you need to get your name out there in order to grow. The problem is, there are so many ads plastered on every wall and billboard that people have learned to look right past them. In order to make people look at and read your ad, it has to stand out from the rest. One of the best ways of doing that is by hiring a graphic designer.

What exactly can a graphic designer do? They can create a perfect ad for your start up business. Even better than that, they can make a website for your business as well. Having an online presence is important right now, because that is how most people are going to hear about your business. Unless you have some web design experience, you should probably hire a graphic designer for this. There are many reasons why you need a graphic designer for your start-up business.

1. Advertising

Like I mentioned above, advertising is imperative to raising the awareness of your company. In order to gain new customers and grow your business, you have to advertise. This is where graphic designers come in handy. If you haven’t done it already, a graphic designer can create a logo for your company. If you have already created one, they can do a great job at using your logo and theme colors in your ads. Whether it be business cards, flyers, brochures, or wall ads, you need a graphic designer to make them as visually appealing and eye-catching as possible.

When your ads catch the public’s eye, they will be more inclined to read what your ad says. Once you get someone to read it, they are gaining knowledge of your company and may find that you offer something that they want. This is how your advertisements can gain customers.

2. Your Business website

No matter what kind of business you are starting, you need a website. You may think that a website is not very important at first, but let me assure you that it is. If you sell merchandise you can use a website for customers to do some online browsing, so they can purchase your stuff of of your website or be more encouraged to stop by your store. If you sell a specific service you can use a website to summarize your services, along with your location, hours, and a way for them to contact you. Either way, a website can do nothing but help grow your business.

If you have no real skills in web development and design, hiring a graphic designer is a must.  Your graphic designer can take your ideas and put them into action.  You can tell them what kind of website you want, and what you would like it to look like, and they can deliver. If you are wanting more of a complex website, rather than just a basic to-the-point website, then a web designer may be necessary. They can help make your website interactive, or set up a shopping cart on your site, and many other things that you may not know how to do yourself.

3. Increase your sales

By creating advertisements and a website that can grab the public’s eye, you are more likely to see a spike in your sales. By making your product or ads stand out against the rest, you are giving yourself a leg up on the competition. When there are two similar products on the market, more people are going to go with the one that looks better. It is the cold hard truth. You can have an amazing product, but if you don’t make it visually appealing you just aren’t going to see the sales you would otherwise.

By getting consumers to choose your product over the competition initially, you have better chances at repeat customers. This is what every business owner dreams of. If you have a store or actual location where customers can visit, this applies to that as well. In order to draw customers in, they need to notice your store. Not only do they need to notice it, but they need a clear idea of what kind of store it is. The best way to draw people into your store is by catching their attention with your logo, window designs, or outside posters. Read about the important design principles for creating signs that attract customers.

4. Graphic designer not in the budget?

If you are still working on getting your start-up business off the ground, your budget may be an issue. There are still plenty of ways you can put important graphic design strategies to use without having to pay for it. Anyone who does a little research can learn some of the basics. Web design tips for a better website can help give you an idea on important web design tactics.

If you are wanting to get a little more in depth with your web design on your own, you can always take graphic design courses.  Taking these courses can help you get more of a grasp on the technical side of things. Going this route would help you more in the long run, saving you from outsourcing this part of your business. If you take graphic design courses from Platt College, you can focus specifically on the multimedia component of the field.

It is without a doubt that graphic design encompasses many important aspects of marketing your new business. The best way to go about it depends solely on the individual company. While hiring a graphic designer makes less work for you, they can get pretty expensive. This is why many new business owners are taking matters into their own hands and doing it themselves. As long as you are doing your best to get your business noticed, it will help grow your company in the long run.