Self-discipline is a key skill to have and with it you can feel invisible but it can be difficult to overcome the emotional hurdle when you need to get a lot done. Starting a business is an exciting process but with it comes the stress of managing everything and making sure you don’t fail before starting. Most entrepreneurs say that they have experienced many failures before they started their successful empires. Try, try and keep on trying.

In your start-up years as a business owner you might be put through situations where you want to stop but the key is to keep motivated and remember the end goal. To help keep these key goals in mind it is worth familiarising yourself with Maslow’s Motivation Hierarchy which presents some very valid points.

We have also taken a look at Scott Geller’s talk on the psychology of self-motivation. He explores three questions:

Can you do it?

Will it work?

Is it worth it?

Motivating yourself can seem harder than motivating others as you have to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the upcoming tasks. Motivation is about pushing yourself in order to achieve something at the end of it. Everyone is different in the way they approach challenges so there is no surprise that everyone tackles motivation differently. We have compiled a list that can help you when you are feeling like you’re in the slumps and have lost inspiration.

1. Set clear goals 

Write it down!

A study conducted on Harvard MBA graduate students resulted in some interesting outcomes. The graduate students were asked if they had set clear written goals for their future and made plans to accomplish them. 13% had goals but didn’t write them down. 3% had written them down. 84% had no goals. Fast forward 10 years and the 13% are earning twice as much than the 84%. The 3% who had written their goals down were on average earning ten times more than the other 97% of the class.

2. Eat and sleep well!

Get some rest and eat well – not junk but healthy meals.

Eating healthy can affect your mood, energy levels and in general how you live your everyday life. If you are eating well and have a good night of sleep you will feel more energetic and motivated to get things done. A study showed that most people do not know how they would feel with a full night’s sleep as they are used to a few hours’ sleep. This means that people are not using their full potential as they are not resting enough.

3. Be persistent 

Keep at it!

You never know how close you are to achieving your ultimate goal, that one extra step might make the difference. Persistence is key as they say. Aiming to remain positive and productive every day will have a big impact on both your attitude and the attitudes of other’s around you making your environment much nicer to work in!