With new figures being released only a few weeks ago, there are some fascinating findings concerning the power of web video throughout the world. Whether this is an advertisement, a promotional video or an educational piece, you are now more likely than ever to get through to a wide range of potential clients. With the trend only growing in popularity, is online video the future of business?

The Facts

To many of us, web video seems to have been around forever but in fact it is still developing along with the fast paced changes to marketing techniques. YouTube started only 8 years ago back in 2005 and since then it has become one of the fasted growing social sites in history. With over one billion unique users visiting the site each month, and more than 100 hours of video uploaded every minute, there seems no sign of it’s growth slowing down any time soon.

Advertisements are now a huge part of the site and many are taking them to the next level by demanding user interaction. For instance, businesses are putting the viewer in control by giving them a multiple choice at the start of an advertisement. They must choose a clip from the options to watch. This is more likely to keep their attention, as they feel involved in the process. By encouraging interaction, web video is becoming more powerful than ever.

The Figures

You may think that although web video is a good idea, that maybe it has not quite caught on yet and it is best to wait a while until it is a fully established part of online activity. However, this time has already come and the new figures that have been released only back this up. A whopping 80% of online users recall watching a video on a website within the past 30 days. But of course, just because they’ve watched it doesn’t mean they have done anything about it right? Well actually, 46% of these viewers took some form of action after watching which could prove invaluable to many businesses.

Promotional videos

Corporate videos are the ideal way to build brand awareness; they easily display the ‘human side’ of the company, building confidence in your brand amongst your consumers.

A corporate video is the best way to promote and showcase your company; it increases people’s understanding of your products and services by 74%, with over 50% of marketers believing that video strategy provides the greatest return on investment.

As web video grows and develops further, it could prove to be the most valuable asset when it comes to marketing. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Web Video Store today!

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