Demo Africa has selected the top 30 entrepreneurs to launch at this year’s DEMO Africa conference, to be held in Lagos, Nigeria, on Thursday 24 and Friday 25 September, 2015.

DEMO Africa is one of the flagship initiatives of LIONS@frica and aims to connect African startups to the global ecosystem. DEMO Africa is the place where selected startups get to highlight some of the best new technology innovations across the continent.

More than 650 applications were processed in lead to the event. These were then shortlisted to 50 ventures before a selection of the final 30 was made by a pan-African panel of judges including entrepreneurs, VCs and Academia. In alphabetical order, these are the top 30 startups to present at Demo Africa 2015.

Abacus (Kenya)– helping investors make smarter, faster and more decisions by providing access to real-time market data, news and analytics.

Airship (Ivory Coast)– unleashing the untapped potential of duty-free stores by enabling passengers to make special orders of high value products in advance.

BambaPOS (Kenya)– allowing retail merchants to access point of sale and inventory management automation with any android smart device.

Bitsoko (Kenya)– an Android mobile wallet removing the cost of transferring money between two individuals and increasing access to payment services.

Bozza Media (South Africa)– a digital distribution platform enabling artists to connect with fans who want locally relevant content via mobile and web.

Carparts Nigeria (Nigeria)– an online car and truck parts and accessories store with millions of inventoried parts and a quick and simple search.

Eco-mc² Compressed Air Hydraulic Energy Storage (South Africa)– innovative air- compression storage based products ensure the power stays on, without the disadvantages of battery based systems.

Edge Books (South Africa)– a digital platform for eBooks and other digital platforms such as magazines, comics & Journals.

ENT-Mobile (Kenya)– converting human conversation on social media and mobile platforms to actionable and quantifiable data for business decision-making.

Feem Wifi (Cameroon)– providing an easy way to transfer music, videos, documents and other files – and listen to music or play videos when you are not transferring files.

Flippy Campus (Ghana)– Flippy Campus is a social application that helps students get updated on what is happening on their campuses.

iKon Tracker (Nigeria)– iKon Tracker is a conveniently sized bluetooth tracking device paired with a downloadable iKon smartphone application. (Kenya)– is an online comparison platform which enables users to compare insurance quotes across insurance categories.

IPC eProductivity (Zimbabwe)– IPC eProductivity is an on-line productivity calculator that helps organisations determine their key drivers of productivity.

Koomzo (Cameroon)– Koomzo is a hosted (cloud based) SaaS School ERP platform that automates core school processes (academic and administrative).

Lipaplus (Kenya)– LipaPlus provides a simple & elegant way to accept card payments.

LocName (Egypt)– a web and mobile application that gives a short, unique name for your address, which you can then share easily in just 2 seconds.

Mavis Computel Ltd (Nigeria)– Mavis Computel Ltd provides a Talking Books & Talking Posters education solution.

ogaVenue (Nigeria)– making it easy to search, check availability and book event venues online, by aggregating variety of event venues.

PoshRite (Nigeria)– PoshRite is an online beauty social network that aims to encourage women to express their inner beauty by offering a web platform.

Raye7 (Egypt)– provides a greener, cheaper, nicer, safer and time-efficient way of transporting people aiming for a better tomorrow.

Road Rules (Zimbabwe)– a mobile app that will disrupt and revolutionize the way individuals study, practice and prepare for their driver’s license exam.

Round bob (Uganda)– allows travelers to create travel wallets facilitating travel savings, installment payment options, reducing cost exposure and supporting this with relevant content.

Shield Finance (Kenya)– a FinTech company using proprietary technology while leveraging on Mobile Money to offer under banked employees affordable salary advances directly to their mobile phones.

SimbaPay (Nigeria)– offers mobile apps that allow for fast, convenient and cheap money remittance to Africa.

SmartEdu (Nigeria)– an Education Technology Startup that helps Educators and Parents monitor and improve students’ academic performance.

Talking Bookz (Nigeria)– a business focused on making learning interactive and entertaining by using mobile application to transform the learning experience for students

Tango TV (Tanzania)– a Tanzanian technology company focusing on integrated media streaming services, beginning with African Movies, music videos and TV shows.

Zeepay Mobile Financial Services (Ghana)– Mobile payments for both USSD and smart phones using NFC and supporting international remittances onto PoS.

Zuvaa (Nigeria)– Zuvaa is an online marketplace for African Fashion.

List of startups courtesy VC4Africa.

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