When you head a large corporation, one of your tasks is to increase your brand awareness. Sure, plenty of folks will have heard of your company and its products and services. But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people out there yet to hear of who you are and what you do! One significant reason marketing is so important to large firms is revenue.

To grow your company, you will also need to reach out to people that have bought from you in the past. Perhaps you’ve developed something new that will appeal to them? Or maybe you want them to buy more of what they’ve had in the past?

Whatever the reason, it’s important your brand stays fresh in people’s minds. If it doesn’t, sales will decline, and that can spell big trouble – especially for a large company! Are you in the midst of devising a new marketing strategy for your corporation? If so, let me tell you about the five benefits video marketing can have for your business:

1. You can easily share videos on different online platforms

The Web is a bigger place than it was back in the 1990s. For instance, did you know that there are almost one billion live websites in the world? As you can imagine, many of those websites share content from other sites. One form of content shared on a regular basis is video.

Having a targeted landing page on your website is one thing. But, videos can get shared by millions of people in a variety of different ways. They can get embedded into other websites for a start. And let’s not forget about the marketing power of social media!

Social networks like Facebook and Twitter let you embed videos into your timelines. Make a video that has a high impact, and you’ve got the recipe for getting it “viral”!

2. Videos help you to increase conversion rates

Let’s face it; the reason firms have corporate videos is because they increase conversions! It doesn’t matter whether your video talks about your business or one of its products or services. What does matter is that videos bring to life any subject matter!

Let’s say that your firm sells products that only interests those in a particular niche. By using a good video production company, you can make any subject lively and engaging! Often, that can be hard to do using just words and images alone.

For example, does your corporation manufacture large volumes of concrete? If so, you can inspire homeowners, not just commercial developers, to buy your concrete! As you can see, you’re opening up a new market that might otherwise have been hard to enter. And that’s all thanks to the power of video!

video for marketing

3. You clarify what your product is about

Has your corporation just developed a new product? If so, how will you explain to people what it does? Well, PDF product guides and web pages are one way of doing that.

But, a more high-impact way is to have an “explainer” video created. In a nutshell, these are videos that do three things. First, they cover the product’s details or specifications. Second, they explain to your target audience how they work. The third thing they do is convince your audience why they need to buy your product, and how it will work for them!

As you know, the best way to sell a product is to convince your customers how and why it will work for them.

Don’t forget that such videos will get seen by people other than your customers. Journalists will watch them and write a story or review of your new product. That, in turn, will generate more product and brand awareness!

4. Videos help your website rank better in search engines

We all know there are plenty of ways to make sites rank better on Google and other search engines. But, many people don’t realize that videos are an effective way of boosting your ranking!

Why? Well, it’s simple. Videos help to cut down on unnecessary content! Search engines penalize sites if they appear spammy and full of text on each page.

Ones with less than 1,000 words and videos on them tend to rank better. So, if part of your marketing campaign revolves around your SEO, videos will help you out there too.

5. Videos showcase your corporate personality

Let’s face it; people want to know your corporation isn’t faceless. They want to know you are a brand they can trust, and that you offer something they need.

Lose the “stuffed shirt” image and you will better appeal to the masses!