Every company expects the very best from its employees. But people work better when they are comfortable and satisfied with what employers provide in return.

Vending machines are a part of most employees’ everyday lives in the office. Drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate and carbonated beverages), snacks and all types of personal goods from breakfast to lunch are dispensed into their waiting grasp at the push of a button.

And it’s convenient. Employees don’t have to walk out of the office to grab refreshment or even lunch if the right and healthy food is always available within their reach.

Vending machines save you productive time 

According to a study by vouchercloud, office workers spend an average of 25 minutes of an eight hour shift preparing and consuming snacks and beverages. That may not be a lot of time but it adds up. On-site vending, or office vending can help business owners cut down on the time it takes employees to refresh or snack.

Increase in productivity 

They are also less likely to take a longer lunch. Some employees could even work through lunch if there’s important work to be done knowing that they can have access to a vending machine snack when they want in no time.

Offers employees the convenience they need

Your business can easily eliminate the need for employees to travel off-site and they will also spend less time preparing refreshments. People appreciate perks at the office. It’s in your best interest if your employees believe and know that your business is putting in the effort to make it convenient for them to work.

A healthy employee is a happy and active worker

You could even go a step further to provide fresh vending machines that offer a healthy alternatives, offering low-calorie snacks that are low in salt and fat. You can also provide soft drinks and water choices that fit well with a healthier lifestyle.

If you intend to provide a vending machine for your employees, think about a better alternative that encourages a healthy lifestyle in the office.

Healthy workers translate into happy employees who are more likely to deliver better when they are active and satisfied with their outlook in life. An active workforce is a lot more valuable to your company than employees with lower energy levels.

They are easy to manage

You don’t even have to do a lot to make it happen. Switching to a fresh vending machine is an easy process and popular services like Aramark Refreshments have good options. You just have to contact your existing vending machine contractor and ask for healthier alternatives.

Most unhealthy snacks can be switched out for healthier alternatives such as fruit bars, rice cakes and nuts. But be careful you don’t change it without informing or soliciting for alternatives from your employees. Not all employees may wish to avoid high-calorie snacks.

Most professionals like food ‘on the go’. Give your workforce options and they will be grateful you did.