Mobile marketing is here to stay. SMS marketing is a great first step for businesses looking to expand to mobile to reach greater percentage of the mobile audience. Not only is it affordable, but it’s extremely effective when you create the right messages.

Mobile marketing spend is predicted to hit $65 billion by 2019 in the US alone. Mobile marketing communications are extremely personal. And SMS marketing can boost conversion rates and build lifelong customer relationships.

The secret of succeeding with SMS is offering value to your customers. Customers treat SMS as deeply personal and they convert better than email. It’s cost-effective, and text messages have high open rates.

SMS Workflow has created powerful mobile marketing tools to help your business succeed. The company’s battle-tested workflow engine allow you to generate more leads, build and maintain better relationships with your customers, and automate your marketing…all without hiring a programmer.

SMSWorkflow allows US-based companies to quickly create SMS marketing campaigns. Connect systems together through text messages, collect mobile opt-ins, send targeted and personalized broadcast messages, and more.

SMS Workflow

Combine that with SMS Workflow’s concierge service, free consultation, and 1-on-1 personalized support, add an out-of-the-box yet customized text message marketing solution to your arsenal today.

The average SMS campaign takes 3 months to code. With SMS Workflow, create SMS campaigns in 10 minutes.  No need to hire a developer!

Here is how to make your SMS marketing campaign successful

Customers are more likely to opt in to your marketing campaign if they’re getting something in return.

A healthy mix of text messaging, app push messaging, email and social updates can get your marketing message to the right audience.

If you’re running an online campaign, you can link to it in an SMS message you send to your customers or audience.

Integrate SMS with your email campaigns and your ecommerce business for a personal customer experience. Inform your buyers of product deliveries every step of the way before the product finally gets to them.

Use SMS as a customer support or feedback tool. It’s easier to work with than a long survey most people are likely to ignore.