If you’re a business owner and aren’t yet thinking about ways to improve your company in 2016, then there’s something terribly wrong.

This challenge should be top of your agenda once the festive season has ended, and there are many ways to achieve that goal. The business world is ever-changing. In 2016, you should be eager to make use of any resource that will increase your company’s profit. After all, making money was the primary motivation for starting a business in the first place. Follow these top hacks, and 2016 is set to be your best business year ever.

Become stricter on spending

All business owners have a desire to increase revenue, and doing so should be your long-term aim. In the immediate future, though, it’s far easier to curb spending. In truth, doing this won’t just save money to increase profits. It will also make the company more efficient.

Companies need to spend money to produce goods and services. There’s nothing wrong with this. However, problems do arise when overspending on indirect costs. Finding ways to lower insurances, energy rates and similar expenses could make a world of difference.

Reducing your expenses will inevitably give you more flexibility, and should see profits soar. You wouldn’t waste your personal finances in a frivolous manner. Be equally tight with unnecessary business spending, and you should see great results.

Up your recruitment game

As the business owner, it’s your vision that is steering the company in a positive direction. However, you still need a winning team to form the engine and help drive things ahead. Quite frankly, getting the recruitment process right is a must.

The importance of this aspect cannot be emphasised enough. Professional recruitment and employment services can ensure that you hire only the best candidates. With a stronger team behind you, business output can only improve too.

Hiring is only a starting point, though. If you want to see the very best results, you must also invest time and money into staff training.  After all, this is such a crucial asset to your business. Do not let them go undervalued.

Go mobile

By now, your company will almost certainly have taken the plunge into online activities. The internet has dramatically changed the landscape of business, and a strong web presence is vital. But the real question is whether your organisation is making the most of this ever changing outlet.

The exponential growth of smartphone and tablet technology has shifted the goalposts. Nowadays, over half of all internet activity is conducted on the small screen.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you tailor your operations accordingly. Make your website mobile friendly, and you’ll be opening your doors to a much larger audience. Furthermore, it gives your business a far more professional vibe.

Use better web content

As far as the website is concerned, the design aspects are comprised of many contributing factors. But as long as it’s easy for the user to navigate, you should be just fine. However, there are a few tricks that will actively encourage improved results.

Blogging is a fantastic option for any business looking to keep the website fresh. Most customers won’t react well to a static page, so this is a fine solution. Besides, those posts can be used to actively promote various goods or services. If content goes viral, you’ll be seeing a huge increase in traffic too.

Meanwhile, placing testimonials on your page can help convert sales. New customers need to trust your business after all. This is a fantastic way to put their fears at rest.

Give the customer more

Essentially, putting the customer first at all times should be your number one priority. Gaining their business is your main goal, and building a better relationship is the perfect way to help your company stand out from the crowd.

Customer care is an important part of any business venture. Whether online or offline, you should always be there to answer queries or issues. Meanwhile, showing your appreciation will let them know that you see them as more than a pay packet. Cranking up those positive vibes can make a world of difference to your sale figures.

Recruiting new customers is important. But the key to long-term success is gaining a loyal following of existing clients. Offering better care is the one area where you can be even better than the global organisations. Make sure you grab the opportunity with both hands.

Enter the cloud

Technology never stops moving forward. There are always new releases aimed at improving business operations. One of the most influential additions in recent times has been cloud computing. If you aren’t already using these facilities to your advantage, then now is the time to start.

Cloud computing can be broken down into various packages and models. Take some time to find the best one for you, and it will bring great results. Whether it’s making remote working more accessible or turning your office paperless doesn’t matter. When used effectively, these items can save you both time and money on software licenses and a whole host of other items.

This is going to be one of the key items in modern business. More and more companies are opening their eyes on a monthly basis. If your operation leaves it any longer, you could soon be left behind by your competitors.


The digital age has brought many benefits for SME businesses to capitalise on. One of the most effective ways, though, is to expand and target a new territory.

You’ve already got an effective business model in place. Building a successful secondary location should be far easier. Besides, with advanced communication facilities, outsourcing is simple. It’s almost like turning the company into a franchise. Even if the new location only makes a minor profit, it’s still increasing the overall presence and profit of your brand.

If things go well, you might even have the chance to start opening further sites. There’s no better way to increase your prospects in 2016 and beyond.


  1. Hi, I’m Jocenel. I’ve been an average reader of your site for a long time. I see you have a lot more contributor than before. I want to know this theme you use on your site? I learned a lot from you and I am ready to endeavor in this business I wanted to do. Please, can you tell me this theme you use and how can i get it?

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    • Hello Alkha. I use the Newsmag theme. I purchased it at Envato theme Market. It’s heavily customised though.

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