Do you know that you can socialize around topics you are searching for on Google? You probably don’t know that but there is a great tool that makes it possible. How strange that we are almost 800 millions users on Google everyday and we can’t connect between us.

Gopsik is brilliant extension that allows you to connect on Google with others searching for the same thing. It’s a social network based on searches.

Launched by Youppl Inc., Gospik is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that transforms the Google ads on the right side of your search page into a social posting page.

Gospik extension

You can start threads about whatever it is that people are searching for or, join in conversations that are already happening there. All your posts will remain posted on Google search results page and will be seen by other people that use Gospik extension or Gospik app.

Gospik doesn’t change anything about your native Google Search, not even the paid ads that Google displays. You will still have access to the Google search page you are used to. All it does is add another layer on top of Google and make it interactive.

Gospik tool

Gospik helps users to spread the word about something or someone, on the most visited website in the world, Google search. The tool allows any regular person or, company, to post requests, messages, products, instant, on the righthand side of Google search page, for any topic they are searching on Google. Others that will search for the same topic on Google, will be notified.

Gospik extension makes Google search more interactive, more dynamic, more helpful, without changing the native results displayed by Google on the lefthand side.