Most people begin life or career at the entry level. Whether it’s a new position after college, the new company or a new promotion. All these positions have one thing in common: they are at entry level. Which begs the question – how do you function above entry level?

Concordia University is conducting a free online leadership course for anyone who is seeking to make a significant step in life and career. Ken Harris, Program Director for the Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and Administration at Concordia University takes you through the course.

The Functioning Above Entry Level online course will help you understand your personal strengths and gain the confidence needed to boldly move forward in what you love to do.

I’ve taken the Concordia University free online leadership course and have benefited from all the lessons shared. These are a few reasons why this particular free course can be of benefit to you as opposed to taking other courses. It’s online and can be accessed from anywhere and on any mobile device with internet connections.

It’s a three-part course and was very convenient for me whilst I still maintained my workload. Most importantly it is delivered via email, one level at a time, so you don’t have to spend all your time to complete all the three levels at a go.

The course has helped me to better understand emotional intelligence for personal growth: perceiving, using, understanding, and managing emotions. “If you control your emotions, you control your life” Ken stated in his video presentations. His ten key self-leadership skills you need to function above entry level was very insightful. There is a lot you can learn about yourself in his last video about leadership.

I encourage you to register and participate in the mini course today.

Personally, I would recommend this leadership course to any business professional. Whether you have a busy schedule or have a full time job, the insights will greatly enhance your skills for your personal growth. Also, you are able to learn well by completing the required worksheet at end of the course.

Online courses are not only convenient but they teach you most things you need to be awesome at what you do in life and career. And the entire three part course is free. Take advantage today and learn a lot about yourself. You achieve your personal goals with the help of this free online course. You’ve got nothing to lose but a lot to gain. My experience with this course has been a rewarding, learning experience.

The course is organised in three simple lessons.

1. In level one, Ken explains how emotional and social intelligence play a role in your life and career.

2. Level two takes a look at the effects of internal and external forces on several areas of your life and career: how you reward yourself, how you think, how you regulate your emotions, and overall how all these play out in your personality.

3. In the final level, Ken talks about how external forces including training, leadership and national culture affect you personally.

Short summary about the Concordia Course

1. The course is free, delivered to your inbox, and takes about 1 week and 3 – 4 hours to complete.

2. It consists of essays, videos, interactive polls, and download journals and worksheets.

3. All content is taken from Concordia University Wisconsin’s 100% online one year Master’s in Organizational Leadership and Administration.

Here is what you will master when you complete the course is complete

1. Internal and external forces affecting how you think.

2. Emotional intelligence and social intelligence factors giving you a better understanding of how you self-lead.

3. 10 key areas in your life important in moving you above entry level.

Register for the free Concordia Leadership Course today and master the skills necessary to function above any entry level.