Mom bloggers are one of the most influential groups of personal bloggers online. Through their personal blogs, moms share everything, right from their experiences, to nutrition, to building an amazing career online. Mom bloggers provide value to brands and consumers, and their value is only increasing.

Mom bloggers are extremely interesting beyond their blogs. The Mom Blogging community is enormous and can be overwhelming to outsiders looking in. In the last decade, the joys of motherhood have gone digital in a big way. And thousands of brands leverage influential mom bloggers to spread messages about their products and social causes.

Laura Wellington (founder) has designed Thread M.B. to provide personal insight into the lives of mom bloggers, their blogs, and the GOOD they are doing all around.

Laura is a successful media and technology entrepreneur, award-winning children’s educational television and brand creator, highly respected author and a major media blogger.

Thread M.B. is a new ezine that combines interviews from A-List Social Media Moms (bloggers, vloggers, and Youtube influencers) with A-List Celebrities in Entertainment, Media, Business, Politics, Medicine and the Nonprofit sector.


The site showcases and supports mom bloggers and the work that they do in a way that has never been done before but is sure to become a mainstay in today’s celebrity-driven, socially concerned, media-based society.

Thread M.B. consolidates the Mom Blogging community into one simple, helpful ezine – meeting the needs of everyone from television producers, publicists and corporate brand managers to devoted activists, celebrities with like ‘social cause’ initiatives, and even widows seeking desperately needed financial assistance.


Thread M.B. is bridging the gap to better the world together and their participants, writers and audience. Interviewees have included Andrea Bocelli, Collin Mochrie, Josh Levs, Heather Armstrong, Deva Dalporto, and many more.