In business today, almost everything is done digitally, from marketing and sending mail to attending meetings and even networking.

With the internet taking over almost everything that we do in business, it may be surprising to learn that the old school business card is one thing that the digital world hasn’t figured out how to replace yet, and doesn’t seem to be going to any time soon.

Business cards may seem like a thing of the past, but this powerful little tool is of vital importance, and you should have a pocket full of them at all times. Keep reading to find out why.

It’s more personal

Swapping information digitally can be really convenient, however the price for this is that it’s also really impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and real conversation between two people is usually how the vast majority of great business relationships begin.

Two individuals with their heads buried in a phone may easily be able to swap the information they need – but the encounter won’t create any kind of significant memory.

It’s better to create a personal interaction by handing out a physical business card, and the recipient can always transfer the details to their smartphone later.

The most effective tool for direct marketing

With all the digital marketing tools available today, who would have thought that the humble business card is still the most effective tool for direct marketing?

Email marketing, SEO, and even paid media marketing all do an excellent job at generating leads and attracting prospective customers, but even still, they’re not as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with a warm handshake and a business card exchange.

You may encounter a potential lead at any time – so carrying business cards with you makes sure that you don’t miss any opportunities. Business cards can be an effective form of marketing that improves the legitimacy of your company.

Creative business cards attract attention

Your business card is a physical object that a prospective customer takes away with them from an encounter, meaning that your brand stays with them. If you meet a prospect and exchange mobile telephone numbers or e-mail addresses digitally, that is where it ends.

However, if you hand over a creative and interesting business card that makes a great impression, that person is much more likely to show it to other people, leading to more exposure for your brand and potentially more new customers.

Business cards show preparation

Have you ever met somebody who went to share their information digitally, and had a dead battery on their smartphone? Or, has somebody ever passed you their contact information on a napkin or piece of scrap paper?

It isn’t the most professional approach, and being unprepared can leave a bad impression on any prospective customers or contacts who you speak to.

Having business cards on you prepares you for meeting prospects at any time, and they will also be able to see this – which leaves a great, professional first impression of you on anybody you speak to.

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