Ever wondered how you will get your surplus income into gold investments from the comfort of your home? Well that is very possible and actually it is a reality for many people across the world; who are today using their online gold accounts to trade on gold.

A leading company in this gold market segment is BitGold which has developed the best gold chart to help you track the spot prices for gold and their trends over time. With this kind of real time data, you are able to make more informed buy and sell decisions as you reshuffle your gold holdings.

Why do you need to get an online gold account?

Gold is still a semi-currency that is used in both local and international trade. However, carrying gold around might be a risky affair due to its value as well as finding people who are interested in buying physical gold might take a long time.

An online gold account solves these challenges for you by enabling you to own physical gold bullions which are stored in secure vaults and their value reflected in your gold account balance.

With the online gold account, you can then do many other transactions with your gold or redeem it later on when you actually want to get it physically. When redeeming it you can get 10 grams gold cubes or 1kg gold bars.

Among the many transactions you can do with your gold when you have an online gold account is buying commodities and paying for them using the BitGold Prepaid Card.

This card helps you to translate your gold to cash and using it to conveniently pay for goods and services in points of sale where prepaid cards are accepted.

In addition, you are able to send your gold to anyone with an online gold account with BitGold globally for free; you also receive gold from anyone with the online account from across the world for free.

Just like sending money to a friend, the online gold account helps you to send real gold which they can redeem and get it sent to them physically.

Finally, you are able to trade in gold by monitoring the price movements and buying it online when the prices are low and selling it when the prices are high.

This turns you to a gold trader just like the high net worth individuals who trade in huge amounts of gold each day.

How do you get started on BitGold?

The process of getting your own account in BitGold is very simple and straight forward. All that you need is to sign-up with your basic personal details and your account will be created immediately within few minutes.

The process is in three simple steps where you input your email address, then followed by your password then click create account and you are welcomed to the world of online gold accounts.

Once you are ready to start buying, saving and selling gold, you get a lot of other information on their site that helps you understand the gold itself and all the processes involved in trading in the precious metal.

Using the BitGold chart

Other tools availed in the online platform for you include a very elaborate gold chart with the current gold prices and their trends over the past months. This helps you to understand how the gold prices are moving and inform your predictions into the future gold prices.

The chart is the advanced type with very high flexibility that allows you to get different kinds of information pieces based on your preference; all on the same chart and on the same page.

BitGold created the chart with ease of navigation in terms of time periods for which you want to see gold price trends, the currencies you want to see the gold prices in and the units for which you want to see the gold prices for.


For instance, you may choose a 5 year period and view the gold prices over that period in US dollars or your country’s local currency. You can also change from viewing the trend as a line into Japanese candle sticks for the people who are good in technical analysis.

We have an option for zooming the charts in and out to allow you have a better analysis of each price point along the trend lines. The charts also allow you to download and save them for later reference in PDF formats hence giving you the flexibility to continue studying the gold price trends even when you are offline.

You can also print them directly from the online platform which saves you time. All these characteristics make the charts very user friendly with real time data as and when you need it and in the format that you need it.

To be a master of your gold trade and to keep track of the value of your gold savings, such kinds of flexible online accounts with very interactive charts are recommended. The charts will keep you informed on the value of your gold and the right time to buy or sell, while the online account helps you to transfer your gold freely at any time and to any location in the world.