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Search engine marketing, the process of acquiring traffic or customers via search engines is an integral part of advertising for most businesses. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising offers a unique opportunity to connect with searchers actively looking for products and services.

It’s a highly effective and reliable way to get interested and targeted visitors to your site. Paid search drives targeted traffic to your website unlike other digital marketing strategies.

The Bing Network is one of the most popular paid search platforms for businesses of any size. It’s an ad network that gives people “knowledge for doing” in a more natural, predictive and personal way.

Since 2010, Bing in the U.S. has steadily grown in PC search volume, reaching a 20 percent market-share milestone this year, according to comScore’s explicit search, December 2015.

Combined with Bing’s syndication partners such as Yahoo, AOL, WSJ, adMarketplace amongst others, the Bing network is able to reach 1 in 3 PC searches in the U.S. That’s 170 million searchers in the U.S., 56 million which are exclusive to Bing network. And these searchers spend 22% more than the average internet searcher.

The Bing Network reaches more targeted audience than ever before.

Microsoft’s unique ability to power the operating systems we use every day – from PCs, tablets and phones to consoles, cars and the Internet of Things – gives the company a great opportunity to put Bing truly everywhere.

Bing powers nearly one in three U.S. searches and 15 billion monthly searches around the globe, plus connects you with 60 million searchers that Google can’t reach. And 25 percent of the network’s clicks come from searches that are exclusive to the Bing Network.

Bing Network offers connections between technology, information, people and knowledge. Your campaign has the potential to reach varied prospective customers using different products. Bing’s intelligence powers some of Microsoft’s most exciting innovations.

  • Bing powers search results on Cortana
  • The network expands reach with integration on Windows 10 – Microsoft Edge and Cortana Box
  • And it enhances search experiences on Xbox and Office

Bing spans not just across Microsoft products but across other  platforms and partners. Other products powered by the Bing search:

  • Bing enhances local search options on Yelp
  •  It power’s Twitter’s translations
  • Provides a richer, more engaging experience on Foursquare
  • Uber: Bing’s mapping unit as part of mobile car booking

Whether it’s search inside of Amazon’s devices, web results for Siri and Spotlight Search on Apple devices or maps on thousands of leading websites, Bing’s technology is increasingly being adopted across the industry.

An innovative and unique platform

The Bing Network today looks a lot different from the way it did when it launched six years ago. The Bing Ad platform now features campaign-management tools like the Bing Ads iOS and Android apps, and a soon-to-be-introduced Bing Ads Editor for Mac.

It also has a Bing Shopping and Automated Rules to make it easier to buy on the platform. If you want more out of Bing, you will have the backing of account coordinators to manage administrative and tactical needs. Bing Network connects you to the moments that matter by being in the products people use every day.

You can get a much better rank for competitive (and effective) keywords

If you are looking for the best value for money and the opportunity to save money, choose Bing. Pay Per Click ads with the same keywords cost less than they do on other ad platforms. You will rank better, convert more and save money in the process.

According to WordStream, their clients who advertised on both Google and Bing saw lower search CPC’s on Bing, averaging 33.5% cheaper CPC on Bing.

As long as you are paying per click, choose a network with the opportunity to attract targeted audience at a much better competitive price. Apart from cheaper costs per click, Bing also give you better ad positions to improve your rate of conversion.

Bing Network searchers are some of your most valuable customers, spending nearly 20 percent more than the average Internet searcher. Your small businesses can easily rank higher on Bing while getting increased ad exposure, despite your relatively small marketing budget.

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