Travel, tourism and hospitality are fast growing industries that have reached their peak. The income from these industries contributes a lot to the economic growth of developed countries. Realizing this truth, developing countries focus more on hospitality and exploit travel and tourism industries to the maximum.

Dynamic people, who are interested in this field like Patrick Imbardelli, have played an important role in these fields from all parts of the world.

He has worked hard to sketch the present status of hospitality industry and has influenced a lot for the industry development in the regions of Asia Pacific and North America.

With his 30 years of experience, he has acquired top class managerial skills; along with this, he has designed many strategies and has implemented them quite often during his presidential tenure of Pan Pacific Hotels Group, which operates across the globe in 12 countries.

He was responsible for the many awards and accolades earned by the hotel group. These are five trends that are influencing the hospitality industry today.

1. Millennial

Under the staunch leadership of dynamic people, the hospitality industry is trending towards a set of marked phenomena. MillenniaI is the top most trend that prevails in modern hospitality industry everywhere.

Hotels need to set their policies and strategies towards this section of customers who fall between the age group of 18 to 34. This must be done based on the local liking and tastes. They are ready to pay more for a great gourmet experience.

Moreover, these people are the expressive segment, who react instantly and since they are the first to use the latest gadgets, they play an important role in recognizing or in condemning a hotel in the social medias.

2. Tech explosion

The next in trend is the tech explosion. Nowadays smart phones and apps are the way of life. Site inspections, bookings and other interactions along with money transactions – everything must be done through websites and apps. Hence, hotel owners must be in constant touch with the technical world that is evolving fast.

3. International visitors

Due to the increase in the number of international visitors, hotels need to sharpen their skills so as to accommodate them. All their services must be oriented towards their interest with multiple languages and multiple cuisine options.

4. More focus on health and wellness

Travellers who seek accommodation in various types of hotels look forward for a healthy atmosphere with health diets, fitness centres, spas and swimming pools. They expect exercise equipments in room, yoga space, air purification and more.

5. High end technology

Constant connectivity and seamless access in any digital device is the growing trend.  Guests prefer more on digital services rather on human for the routine duties like door opening, checking and so on.

Apart from this, eco friendly practices, self promotion in social media sites, controlling of real time damage in the same social medias and forums by instant rectification combined with the maintenance of good relationship – all these are increasing top trends in the hospitality industry.