So you’re taking your business online. It’s a big step for any startup and a place where you can soar or flounder in no time flat. To make it online, you need a three pronged approach. You need to have a great website.

You need to start with a strong marketing strategy. You need to network outside of your customers as well. These are the keys to building a real online brand and we’re going to show you how.

The site

A website is just about necessary for anyone planning on taking their business online. It’s where people learn about the services you offer and what sets you apart. It also gets them in contact with you.

It’s obvious you need a website but you also need to use it well. For example, you will need to provide great content. Content keeps people returning and also helps you standing on social media channels.

There are a lot of blogs out there, so using unique WordPress design should help you stand out. From then, it’s making sure you schedule enough content to keep people coming back.

As for the front page, keep it simple with the vital information of your site. Don’t overload visitors with detail unless they look for it.


The website is part of your overall marketing strategy but it should go far beyond it. Social media is the key to effective marketing online, but you need to use the right platforms to find your audience.

Every company should have a Twitter account. But is your audience the professional kind to visit Linkedin? Is your business newsworthy and easily shared through Facebook articles?

Find your audience’s choice of social media and start there. Starting video blogs can be another way to deliver your content in a more engaging format, too.

Diversify your marketing approach, but don’t overreach. If you give yourself too much to do, you’ll start dropping the ball and missing scheduled posts.


Not all of your outreach should be about marketing to new customers, however. Building a brand online is also about building a network. People to share your content and support you as you provide vice-versa.

It can even build into collaborations like guest posting and cross-promotion. Go beyond simply liking and sharing what others do, however. Make a real human connection and offer your time, not just an easy click.

People respond well to those who are willing to actually take time on them. Attend events in your industry, as well. If you’ve networked with someone online, finding them in person is a great way to build real connections.

Remember that online is only a tool. You need to have the services and the ability to deliver outside the world of the internet.

Your customers should be worth more than numbers following you and your partners should be more than confined to social media. Your website shouldn’t exist just to be an online face for marketing, but to drive real sales and real service.