Starting and maintaining a new business has never been easy. Once you secure an office for your business, security becomes an important factor to keep your company up and running for as long as possible. Most businesses do everything they can to provide the best security for their employees and their personal properties.

Office assets are also protected at all times to allow the staff to do what their work without interruption. It can be difficult to find the resources to spend on office security within a small business budget.

Established companies always use one of two options or even both; install security technology, cameras, alarms etc at the office premises, or hire personnel who literally “stand guard” over the premises.

New startups who can’t afford to invest in office security tools rely on the general security provided by management in charge of the office building. The decision will largely depend on the type of building, size and budget of the your business.

There are now lots of technology available for business security, and almost any small business can provide some form of security for employees and business assets. Electronic door locks, RFID tags, and a security guard to patrol the lobby and office grounds have all proven to be effective for securing office premises.

A lot of businesses also reply on external security services whilst they concentrate on their core business. Whatever your requirements or budget, security companies including Leon Security can tailor a bespoke office security solution to match your needs.

Maintain a simple security policy

A business security policy defines how your staff should use company properties. It should cover the basic office security measures. Your employees should know what they have access to and what they can do at different places of the office.

The general rule for most businesses is to have a secured area where only authorised people are allowed entry and non-secured areas where everybody else can use including visitors.

Ensure nobody works alone at night. If the nature of your business requires employees to stay and work late, emphasize the importance of keeping the front door locked and have all the lights on.

Beef up your security cameras and lightning if your staff are allowed to work at night. They help ensure that dark spots, corners, and even parking lots are well lit to enable security personnel and cameras to spot unusual activities in those areas.

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Don’t expose important company assets at non-secured areas

All computer assets and network ports should not be exposed at non-secured areas including the reception where visitors can easily access free company resources.

This approach will prevent an attacker from unplugging your computers and devices from your network and plugging theirs in. If your company maintains an office wi-fi, keep it closed. And secure it with a very strong password to prevent intrusions.

Lifts and fire alarm systems should be connected to a dedicated network.

Don’t expose your business and risk security systems attack. If you install internal network security systems, connect them to a dedicated network. This will keep them out of the hands of intruders if your internal network is compromised.

Keep company documents in secured cabinets

All sensitive company information should be locked in protected cabinets. Backup business documents to an off-site servers. You can use both online and off-site backups.

Cloud backups not only means flexible storage that can be accessed from any company device, but also less upfront investment in local servers.

Confidential papers that are no longer needed should be shredded and disposed securely. Don’t expose shredded documents at places that are open to visitors.

Do random security checks help identify loopholes in the security system.