Artificial intelligence (AI) is the convenient future. It is one of the most promising and transformative opportunities of our time. We are closer to the near future where virtual assistants, bots, and software agents will act more and more like people.

Some the biggest advances in AI are being developed inside tech giants such as Google (Deep Mind) and IBM (Watson). But there are still a lot of great opportunities for young startups to explore.

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“More than 20 private companies working to advance artificial intelligence technologies have been acquired in the last 3 years by corporate giants competing in the space, including Google, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Yahoo, Facebook, Intel, and, more recently, Salesforce, according to CB Insights.

AI will play a huge role in the near future, and some of these startups are already developing apps that could help shape the future of AI. There are still plenty of opportunities to exploit.

And while technology giants are fighting over AI dominance, these startups have made a lot of progress.

1/ is an artificial intelligence driven personal assistant who schedules meetings for you.

2/ Legal Robot helps with understanding complex legal language using AI without the cost associated with it.

3/ The Grid uses AI to build and customize your website for you, billing itself as “your personal AI web developer.”

4/ MetaMind wants to make deep learning (a set of techniques that don’t require domain experts to program knowledge into algorithms) accessible to everyone.

5/ 6sense is a B2B predictive intelligence engine for marketing and sales. It accelerates sales by finding buyers at every stage of the funnel.


6/ Enlitic uses deep learning and image analysis to help doctors make diagnoses and spot abnormalities in medical images.

7/ Persado is a cognitive content platform for marketers. Persado’s products and technology generates language that inspires action and increases ROI.

8/ Quid is a platform that searches, analyzes and visualizes the world’s collective intelligence to help answer strategic questions.

9/ RadiumOne builds intelligent software that automates media buying, making big data actionable for marketers and connects them to their next customer.

10/ Gridspace has created an application based on technology that automatically saves and indexes meeting conversations.


11/ building an alternative to Google Now that can mine tweets for context and bring up relevant data in other apps on your phone.

12/ is an API that makes it easy for developers to create applications or devices that you can talk to.

13/ Mobvoi is a Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) company specializing in mobile voice technology.

14/ CrowdFlower is focused on making data useful by helping data teams collect, clean and label their data at scale.

15/ MindMeld enables you to add intelligent, natural-language voice search to any content-driven mobile app or website.


16/ Mintigo helps marketing leaders to discover, target and engage buyers faster with predictive marketing.

17/ is an avatar based, emotively driven clinical platform (“virtual nurse”) that helps clinicians better manage their chronic care patients.

18/ designs and builds products which are capable of understanding and responding to human speech.

19/ Enlitic is a deep learning healthcare company ushering in a new era of Data Driven Medicine.

20/ Scaled Inference is enabling a new generation of intelligent software built by the masses and powered by an open shared platform.

Scaled Inference

21/ Appier is a technology company that makes it easy for businesses to use artificial intelligence to grow and succeed in a cross screen era.

22/ identifies and stops data breaches from targeted attacks, insider threat & stolen credentials in near real-time. Security nerds that love design.

23/ Banjo is building the world’s first disaster prediction engine. The company’s dream is to make terrorism impossible.

24/ Idibon‘s cloud-based natural language processing services enable organizations to efficiently structure and organize their language data.

25/ StatusToday analyses behavior in the context of humans and their intended actions to protect you and your company.

Status Today

26/ provides machine-learning models that enable companies to optimize the customer experience.

27/ Kasisto augments mobile financial applications by enabling intelligent conversations using the perfect mix of speech, text and touch interfaces.