Ideas are cheap and plenty. Execution is everything and worth millions. Don’t underrate execution. It’s probably the difference between great ideas and exceptional startups. And the difference between dreamers and winners.

But every great startup started as an idea. And you don’t need an original idea to become successful. Many great companies became successful by perfectly executing an unoriginal idea. Google was not the first search engine. It executed well.

If you are still looking a perfect business idea you can explore this year, these are selected ideas that are worth your time. They were originally shared on Quora in response to the question:   What are good startup ideas for 2016?

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1/ Serverless computing

Think of this as the natural progression of Amazon Web Services etc. Instead of renting compute resources per month, you rent per CPU cycle. The economics are stunning – 10x-100x reduction in costs.

Practically speaking this makes bootstrapped freemium a practical model (not just for VC backed). I expect this to drive a mushrooming in new SaaS startups, especially where compute costs are  significant. Somewhat related to this, I expect 2016 to be the year we start to see BaaS – Backend-as-a-Service take off.

2/ Human monitoring

Yes, there is an “ick!” factor, but I think it’s inevitable. It will start in specific niches such as medical staff, pilots, soldiers etc, where the gains from centralized awareness of physiological state is more important than privacy concerns.

Then it spreads to the elderly, the young (who already have tagged phones etc), and finally everybody. The monitoring devices are almost there (we still lack a reliable effective way to measure blood pressure unobtrusively), and the field is still wide open for monitoring and alerting apps. This also could tie into health insurance.

3/ Tech banks

High street banks in the UK are viewed with as much love as taxi’s were in the US prior to Uber. As bad as their service is for consumers, it’s 10x worse for SME’s.

Trying to connect your bank to your accounting system is a nightmare. I don’t think US banks are much better either. I expect to see startups move from pure payment capabilities into full stream banking.

Again, like Uber, there are regulatory issues to be overcome, but the current standard of both UK and US banks is so low, I think they are ripe for disruption. Surprisingly for banks, they are lamentable with security.

A modern tech approach could run rings here. Note this is nothing to do with Bitcoin, which I expect to diminish in profile, as people realise the trust issues haven’t gone away.

Jennifer LoeneMarketing Manager for 2 startups

4/ M-commerce

M-commerce is one of the hottest trends at this present. According to a recent analytic report from Google; nowadays, people tend to look for information by their own mobile phones rather than on desktop.

Thus, thanks to the breakthrough of smartphone development in the last decade, we are now having a huge potential in mobile E-commerce businesses.

As a matter of fact, 46% shoppers said that they would be less likely to shop around if they are using a mobile shopping app, which means a very good news for businessmen who intend to do their business via M-commerce. Nevertheless, there are important things that should not be ignored when starting an M-commerce business.

Emma JonesMarketing Director

5/ Robotics

The foundation of start-ups in this sphere is the idea of a detailed monitoring of the implementation of certain operations for remote access to the object, which will be relevant not only for the industry but also in the sphere of consumption, as robots can learn teamwork algorithms and control the work of the team.

The second area of robotics is the social orientation – startups developed to assist the disabled, robotic systems for rehabilitation programs and therapy, to assist in the preparation of athletes for competitions.

6/ Programs for 3D-printers

The emergence of 3D-printers had a decisive influence on the development of modern industry, therefore, are highly relevant program that will allow maximum use of the technology to produce products in all areas of modern industry.

7/ Devices and gadgets to improve health

Up to 2015 mobile devices are used mainly for storing information about users. Now it’s time to turn smartphones into reliable partners, allowing to monitor the health of their respective owners. That’s why startups that “rework” smartphones counseling center that allows you to get as quickly as recommendations for changing poor lifestyle choices will be more than popular.

8/ “Cloud” servers for data storage

 Interest to the user the possibility to have a personal “cloud” file is growing by leaps and bounds, and this service is offered by many companies.

But 2016 will be popular startups that are developing “cloud” system, security system which will comply with the policy of anonymity and privacy, keeping all of the information passed to it inaccessible to third parties.

9/ Programme for the creation and processing of large data sets

Investors in such startups in the first place, will be companies who use in their work a significant amount of information, because with the help of new projects, retailers can not only collect the necessary information, but also to actively use it in their work.

10/ Distance learning

The world education system needs to develop models to study remotely and provide the most efficient interaction between students and professors.

If we consider that today the lecture notes of professors of world renown can be found in iTunes or on YouTube, it becomes clear that a start-up projects related to narrow professional education and training in the off-line mode, will be more than demand.

11/ Mobile consulting

We are talking about a mobile application about the associated medical, financial, educational, and other popular services, lets you know the average cost of dental services in the city or to find the most advantageous loan program, if necessary.

To implement the project, you must first collect the necessary information and then transfer it to mobile mode. The most effective such advice will be within a particular locality.

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12/ Building better dashboards

Up until now, most analytics dashboards are active and dynamic, requiring the user to manipulate the data to find what they’re looking for. Coming soon, these dashboards will become more passive.

Instead of you sitting down and operating the platform, your platform will work on autopilot in the background and alert you when significant changes occur in the metrics you’re measuring.

This will give you greater control over your information in a more real-time fashion. In fact, this trend towards automation will show in other areas as well – with a heavy concentration in marketing-related functions.

13/ The just-in-time workforce

Startups are always pressed for resources, and a significant portion of them end up in the human resource department. As traditional advertising outlets are left by the wayside, so are a number of the more traditional workforce models. Salaries are a huge expense. So are benefits and other perks.

Today, startups are trending towards investing as much as they can in building the best founding team and then turning to the contract, freelance workforce to fill in the gaps, if and as needed.

Virtual assistants are as effective as receptionists. Content marketing doesn’t require that you pen every blog post – there are freelance sites to shop out steady sources of content at surprisingly affordable rates.

Which positions in your startup could be supplemented with a freelance team versus a traditional staff? An estimated 33% of the American workforce is now moonlighting and freelancing. Business Insider predicts that number to grow to 40% by 2020. Check out our video series to learn why you must start a business.

Rockey NickBusiness strategy manager, co-founder at Revoo

14/ Smart automotive technology

With the dramatical growth of technology, all industries are changing with more and more hi-tech application in their products, and car industry is not an except.

We are seeing more car with more technology integration than ever, manufacturers have served driver better and better with intelligent control of technology such as full smartphone integration, computer dashboard and auto driving mode.

15/ VR 360 video

VR 36 video increase the youtuve views 25% since it’s launch. Why? it’s more entertaining to enjoy video using VR 360 technology.

Many vlogers said that their videos with VR 360 technology have more views than normal, so they decide to buy a VR 360 camera or hire a service to recore video with VR 360. So why you don’t start a VR 360 camera rental service today?

16/ Drone technology

It’s more convenient to transfer product by drone, it’s smaller and cheaper to use drone for transportantion. If using helicopter, we have to pay 5 times higher than drone and the enviroment will suffer the pollution from the fuel.

Why don’t you start to sell drone online today to grab this hot deal? The price for a drone is around $1000 and the net profit is very attractive with any store owner.