What do the leaders of industry have in common? What some of things the most successful people business are doing that other are not? Here are some of the habits of the best CEOs that will give you insight into how their brains work.

The Best CEOs minimise meetings

At an executive level; it is easy to get caught up meetings all day. While meetings serve a time and place, one of the most common habits of the best CEOs is to limit meetings to just the crucial. You have to remember that while everyone is in a meeting they are postponing their other work.

Traditional meetings are also notoriously unproductive and often create more questions than they answer. Many people will even subconsciously shut off their brains once they sit down in a conference room. There are often more effective ways to communicate without disrupting work or stifling creativity.

First consider using social communication apps such as Ming.le or the up-and-coming Slack. Ming.le is a product of software giant Infor whose CEO Charles Phillips believes in creating a workplace that breeds creativity through untraditional approaches.

When you do have face-to-face meetings try doing them in different locations, sit outside if the weather is nice or invite the group out for coffee. Keeping meeting locations and their formats fresh will help encourage innovative ideas while in meetings.

So if you want to mimic the daily habits of the best CEOs consider cutting down on meetings, using social communication apps, and having meetings in unconventional locations.

They stay focused

A common habit of the best CEOs is to stay focused while simultaneously being aware of everything around you. This delicate balancing act can be difficult for some but it is crucial to being a top business leader.

Some CEOs use apps to monitor how much time they are spending browsing different websites so they can take inventory of their time.

It is important you understand the big picture of your industry and organization but if you want to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs you will have to spend the bulk of your time focusing on the big picture of your company.

If you want to be a visionary CEO, keep your eye on the prize and bring your team along with you. Delegate tasks to your trusted colleagues when possible so you can focus on the things you do best, leading and inspiring those around to maintain their focus as well.

These are just a few of the daily habits of the best CEOs but mastering these will give you something in common with some of the most respected business leaders in the world.

Keeping your meetings to a minimum will maximize the time you can spend focusing on the big picture items that are most crucial to your organization.

A great CEO inspires those around them and their daily habits are likely to rub off on their coworkers, which will set the entire organization up for success.