Spatial awareness is one of the most fundamental decision making capabilities for most people, and thus, knowing what is happening around you, when it is happening, and if one needs to be aware so they can be informed and make a decision, is of importance to us all.

Milapy provides a service that can provide a geo-spatial set of lenses to help you identify, categorize, and prioritize information that would be of high interest to you based a location of interest.

What this means is that instead of browsing traditional news, entertainment, or other social media websites, and walk away not having a better understanding of what’s happening around them, you instead end up with a much more comprehensive sense of your surroundings.

Missing kids? Who are my local representatives? What events are happening? Sport teams? Concerts? Perhaps critical alerts/notifications when issues occur? Now it’s visualized so you know where its happening, go directly to the source and and make a decision.

The team at Milapy has developed a map-based solution, and a suite of services that allows them to geographically identify events of interest to you.

Their methods leverage science and design by using various forms of applied science, and artificial intelligence to expose observations and to communicate those results, through design, to you.

Simply put – Milapy helps you become aware of news, and events that are happening in your neighborhood, city, country, or anywhere on the globe.