At the moment, Charles Phillips is known by many people in the business world. Ever since Charles Phillips moved from Oracle to Infor, he has been featuring in so many articles, mainly because of the highly aggressive expansion strategies that he is using and did use in the past during his work at Oracle.

Infor is a $3 billion dollar revenue company. This size is huge but the way in which the company evolved did not gather a lot of publicity. Client based kept growing on a constant basis thanks to the increase in the services that were offered.

Charles Phillips basically led the business towards new heights, all thanks to a really uncommon strategy, one that is unexpected in the current tough overall business environment.

Offering a unique business model in the enterprise world

Charles Phillips change the Infor business as doing what is seen as a metamorphosis. He made the company remain a large enterprise vendor but also moved towards constant innovation in its business side.

Now we see Infor being involved in many parts of business from brand development and business strategy creation to customer website design. Everything is done while maintain strong ties with the current customers thanks to the development of a really complex customer service system.

According to Charles Phillips, the customers want the company to offer the latest technology possible. Customers come up to the business and talk about the recent technology that they saw being used by the competition.

They want to learn about how that impacts their own business and ask advice about what to do next. The system that was created by Charles Phillips is one that is based on constant communication and innovation so that current customers do receive all that they need. The evolution is basically constant.

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New York placement

An interesting thing that was also assessed when discussing Infor with Charles Phillips at a recent interview was the presence in New York City as opposed to Silicon Valley, which is seen as being a much better option in this industry. Infor moved to NYC in the year 2012, going away from Atlanta.

That happened because of different reasons, many being a part of the way in which Charles Phillips does business. The idea was to work together with the customers. That is possible when being around the customers, according to Phillips. Many of the large customers are now based in NYC or have a really strong reason why they keep going to the city.

It needs to be added that the talent pool that is present in NYC is quite huge at the moment, ranging from media schools to graduates of design schools. Phillips declared that Infor often hires graduates directly.

Also, the current company employees are much more interested in staying in NYC than in Atlanta or in Silicon Valley. The costs of relocating everything to California are basically too high to be justified. The money that is saved can be used for even more expansion, even hiring new people from Europe.