It’s one of the most culturally rich countries around, so it only stands to reason that Mexico has produced some of the best business minds as well.

While a lot of attention in the business world might go over to mainland America, if you cast the net a little narrower Mexico has some individuals that have really done the flag proud.

Some of them have been involved in some of the country’s biggest enterprises, while others work a little more discreetly at ensuring that the right companies get the right investment. Here, we’re going to take a look at all types – and highlight some of the most important business minds in the country.

1. José Rodríguez

This first example is of an entrepreneur who is really making headway due to his innovative approach to energy.

José Rodríguez is the man behind Modebo and for those unaware of what this company specialize in, they produce devices which are able to predict temperatures and future energy consumption. It means that they are playing a massive part in climate change and obviously, Rodríguez is making a solid name for himself in the process.

2. Javier García Teruel Avila 

If we’re talking about one of the most knowledgeable investment specialists around, they don’t come much bigger than Javier García Teruel Avila.

This is an individual who has been in some of the most important business deals in the country, as well as forging a reputation as an excellent general business consultant.

The fact he has not just dealt with businesses in Mexico, but also all over the world speaks volumes about his soaring reputation.

3. Moís Cherem Arana

Another man who is taking advantage of technology is Moís Cherem Arana.

He is the name behind Enova, who are big players in the educational field in Mexico. They are able to design and construct various education centers which target low-income areas of the country, in a bid to enhance the learning of local children and adults.

The fact that they have been able to raise as much as 50 million pesos through various sources highlights just how successful, and ultimately worthwhile, Enova have become.

4. Marcos Eshkenazi

He’s been behind around 15 companies, but Frogtek is the reason Marcos Eshkenazi has made this list. This social venture has targeted shopkeepers across the country and provides them with all of the point-of-sale tools to manage their inventory and scrutinize their business.

It has recently started to operate from Colombia, highlighting how successful it has become.

5. Carlos Slim

Last but not least, we couldn’t form this list without a mention to one of the richest men in the world. In actual fact, between the years 2010 and 2013 Slim was officially the richest man in the world.

He is the chairman and chief executive of Telmex and América Móvil, both of which are the biggest phone carriers in Latin America.

Of course, there are other business interests, but with $49 billion of his wealth coming from these companies it stands to reason that these are the ones most worthy of a mention.