No matter how much technology advances, the need to transport freight will always remain. From saleable goods, equipment, industrial parts, and foodstuffs, to vehicles, fuel, mail, and so much more, the demand for freight transport via land, sky, and sea will likely never fade.

If you’re considering starting a freight business, you’re entering an industry with plenty of opportunity. The stability and dependability of the field is attractive to entrepreneurs and the constant need for freight means the payoff can be rewarding.

As you launch headfirst into your new freight business, there are a few ways you can ensure your enterprise gets off the ground quicker–bringing you quality business and greater profits. These 5 tips can help you pave the way.

1. Worker harder, longer, and faster–especially in the beginning

It’s no secret that it can be a challenge for a business just getting off the ground to gain clients. Immediate success is never easy, but it can definitely be accelerated. For the freight entrepreneur, the savviest approach is to give it 200% right from the start.

To catch up to more established freight providers, you’ll need to work harder, haul longer hours, and do whatever it takes to provide the fastest and most efficient transport.

Develop your reputation for excellence from the ground up. This is not the easy route, but it is the most tried-and-true method for making business growth happen sooner.

2. Build on your existing connections

Many freight business owners move into their new venture as a result of experience as truck drivers and freight haulers. If this is you, take advantage of the connections you’ve built over the years.

Whether it’s helping you source clients, offering suggestions and wisdom, or even suggesting the perfect truck finance, these connections can be a valuable resource to you and help to catapult your initial freight business growth. And even if you’re entering the world of freight from another industry, your existing business relationships can still be a strong asset.

3. Join an accredited industry organization

Reputation is everything. Over time, your freight business will earn its reputation as a solid company, but in the meantime, how do you demonstrate credibility? One simple way is to join a recognized organization in your industry that can furnish your business with an accreditation.

This may require an initial investment and even some application and examination processes. But it is a superb way to help establish your authenticity and your commitment to quality right from the start.

4. Have a highly-targeted niche market — or diversify significantly

One trademark of many well-known businesses is their achievement within a very specific arena: their niche. As a freight business owner, you might opt to follow this time-tested strategy and choose a specific area you’ll serve.

You may centralize your services in a certain region, manage a single type of transport, or even specialize in hauling one distinct material or product. This can be an effective way to get noticed and get known, even from the early days of your freight business.

Alternatively, consider taking a very broad approach. If you have very few limits as to the type of freight you’ll accept or where you will travel, you may be able to start getting more business sooner. Either of these two approaches can have significant positive results, but you’ll want to decide which strategy to follow and stick with it.

5. Get rid of what doesn’t work

Starting a freight business (or any type of business) is an intense learning process. To grow at your most rapid and effective pace, you need to let go of unnecessary expectations, and be flexible to allow things to fall into place. Relax your grip on how your business gets off the ground, and you may find that being open to new ideas is the best way to go.

By the same token, get rid of what isn’t working for your business. Don’t be rigid about sticking to an idea if you are not seeing good results. The quicker you can release non-functioning ideas and practices, the faster you’ll see your business growth begin to soar.