As all good businesses know, attention to detail is everything. From the perfect company logo to the sleekest, chicest promotional materials and the most stylish of workspaces; if you want to inspire employees, you have to give them what they need first. And, according to Classic Colour printers in Melbourne, branded stationery is an essential part of this.

The thing about branded stationery is that it is ubiquitous. While it might seem like a small change to put a logo or company slogan on your business cards and letterheads, these are items that are widely circulated and distributed. They allow you to, quite literally, place your brand and business values in the hands of clients, customers, and users.

To find out more about why you should be investing in high quality branded stationery, keep reading this guide to its key benefits.

It demonstrates reliability

If a business has invested the time and the money in designing branded materials, it is fair to assume that it must be in it for the long haul. Items like these convey a sense of permanence and stability; they give the impression that a company has been around for long enough to have, in effect, ‘earned’ the right to a solid and consistent brand presence.

It makes a great first impression

There is a lot of talk about digital presence and online profiles these days, but the age of the paper business card is far from over. Most companies do still use them when networking, because they leave a solid, literal first impression. It is all very well handing out the URL for your Twitter page, but it won’t demonstrate a sense of who you are and what you do right there and then; which is what counts when networking.

It has a long lasting impact

If you hand out branded pens, business cards, letters, or notepads, they’re bound to hang around, in the right places, for quite a long time. It might be on the desks of clients or on the fridges of customers; as long as your logo is consistently present, from day to day, it will filter into the consciousness and you’ll be the one that they think about when they’re in need of a business that can give them exactly what they need.

It brings the team together

With the use of branded, cohesive stationary and other workplace materials, you are showing the team that they are, in fact, a team. The presence of a unifying brand can have a positive impact on morale and productivity, as it sends a clear message about how you view them. It makes it clear that not only are they worth the investment in a cooperative identity, they are considered to be an integral, essential part of daily operations.

It is cheap to produce in bulk

One of the best things about branded stationery is that even the highest quality items are cheap to manufacture and produce. This makes them valuable as giveaways and customer freebies too. Pens, pencils, erasers, calendars, and more are all great gifts, because they have a practical use. This is what customers want. If you’re going to market to them, at least try and fill a need at the same time.

How to find a reliable, high quality printing service

If you want to have stylish, attractively branded stationery, you first need to find a skilled printing service. The vast majority offer great deals when designing and buying in bulk, so you’ll find that this approach to marketing is a very affordable one. For those who are investing in branded materials for the first time, it is a good idea to ask for a small test run to begin with; then, you can go ahead and make a bulk order if you like the final product.