Embarking on a new journey, a new business and a new office? Let me congratulate you on your accomplished endeavour first! For many, starting off a new venture takes entire life of planning, but yet hardly comes true.

Now that you are already planning for inauguration in the next week, you should also think of your office’s interior decoration, which holds an equivalent importance.

Unless you make your office space a productive area to work in, nothing would be as worse as this. The much investment you have made in getting your first clients does need just a little more additions to give your endeavours a winning touch. An office space must speak for your service, employee stature and your motto.

And, for that you need to channelize yourself to a stream of office-space-decoration ideas and their practical implementation. Many startups fail to overcome their startup struggles and the many reasons are: immature budget planning, facing an irrecoverable fall and even poor office space planning.

Your startup office can have a huge impact on your company’s creativity and collaboration. Do not let this be a recurrent happening. These are a few ideas to help you

First impression is the last impression! – Make it work

When it is about your time, business and more business, think of the very first client, who wishes to verify your working environment just before finalizing a deal. Right from the reception area to your personal cabin, every piece on the grounds and the walls should speak for 3 ‘I’s – Integrity, Innovation and Intellectuality.

Be it your reception desk or sofa sets, that aquarium in the corner or paintings in your cabin, must represent how you take on your services. Remember, the one who spares one’s TRUST and MONEY on you has the power to badly affect your entrepreneurial status too. Thus, make the most of expert advice and try to hold onto the FIRST IMPRESSION.

Sprinkle colors in and around

To add a splash of paints or tones, you should think in a couple of ways – whether you want to keep up with Conservative Approach or Modern Look suits your work nature better.

These days, neo-classical painting ideas are catching up with popularity and you, too, can try it for yourself. Maintaining balance between low saturation and high saturation, apply a combination of Bloons and Dutch Teal. This couple of shades are considered the representatives of Body and Balance, meaning it would simply energize the working ambiance.

Invest in comfortable yet budget-friendly office furniture

Now that you have painted your office walls with Dutch Teal and Bloon tones, it’s high time to take office furniture into account. Furniture that speaks for your corporative motives are easy to find nowadays. A little research about the supplier’s background and industry repute is required and to finalize your deal. Comfortable office furniture and other office accessories like brochure/menu holders or notice boards, competition barrels or LED sign lighting can improve how your employees work.

Anyway, few points that you are advised to consider in context of what sort of furniture would suit your working environment are-

  • Never buy expensive recliners for your office – Neither for you nor for any of your executives. Better get ergonomic high-back executive chairs.
  • Compact wooden desk to support studies as well as laptop works.
  • Mid-height file cabinets and that too from good brand or reputed supplier.
  • Couple of sofa sets – one for reception area and another for Managing Director’s cabin.
  • Boardroom meeting tables as well as chairs.
  • Lecterns and podiums.
  • Conference board and sideboard cabinets.

The better the quality and looks, the higher the impression they draw!

Spick and span – Make it a daily statement

An office space does not take much time to get dirty and unhygienic. Be it paper files or remains of meals, working areas become untidy in no time since the day starts.

This is why, you, being one and only founder of your small yet beautiful corporate office, need to ‘declare war on office cleanliness’ and for that, make sure your administrative team has arranged sufficient numbers of perforated open bins as well as drawer storage cabinets. This will help your employees not to litter around.