When you rely on your Mac on a daily basis for work it is important that you keep it well-maintained. Not only is a well-maintained Mac less likely to have technical issues, but it will also perform a lot better which will help you to be as efficient as possible – which is crucial if you’re an entrepreneur and running your own startup.

Although you may not have a technical background, it really doesn’t take that much to keep a Mac well-maintained. In fact you can quite easily do so yourself:

Always keep your Mac up to date

From time to time you’ll be notified when updates are available and as a rule of thumb you should always install the latest updates. Every new update comes with a slew of fixes for bugs and vulnerabilities – so keeping your Mac up to date can help make sure nothing goes wrong.

Use Disk Utility every few months

Within every Mac in the ‘Utilities’ folder is a nice little software called Disk Utility. When you use it you will be able to scan and fix problems with your hard drive and also repair its permissions. It is generally advisable to use Disk Utility at least once every two to three months or so – and more than that if you’re installing and uninstalling apps regularly.

Delete junk files and unnecessary apps

If you have too many files on your hard drive it will deteriorate in performance and that will affect your Mac as a whole. Ideally you should make sure that you remove all junk files on a regular basis, and also uninstall any apps that you don’t need as well so that your hard drive is never too full.

One way to help make it easier to clean out the junk files from your Mac is by using Movavi Mac Cleaner. As you can probably guess it is a Mac cleaner software, but what makes it so attractive is the fact that it will quickly scan your Mac and let you delete all the junk files that it finds with just one click.

In addition to that Movavi Mac Cleaner also comes with several other features that will help you keep your Mac in good condition. It will let you cleanly remove apps, detect leftovers from apps that are no longer needed, safely delete confidential files, and protect your Mac with its firewall and antivirus.

All said and done if you want your Mac to be well-maintained because of how much you rely on it for work – Movavi Mac Cleaner will be a great tool to keep around. By using it and following the other tips highlighted above, you can ensure that you reduce the risk of any problems arising.