Donald Trump has made a lot of money. According to Forbes, the presidential candidate is worth over $4.5 billion. Trump himself puts that figure at closer to $10 billion. Trump, like most very wealthy people, attributes his financial success to a lot of hard work and some good luck.

But he’s also made some interesting statements about feng shui – the design philosophy that gets people working. When asked about feng shui, he said he didn’t care about how it actually worked. He just cared that it made him money. Isn’t that what startups are all about? Making money?

Here we’re going to investigate how you can make your office a little more feng shui. This is what to do.

Get a Feng Shui color scheme


Psychologists have known for a long time that color has a significant impact on the way we feel. Mellow, subtle tones make us feel content and relaxed. Brighter colors are associated with different mental states not conducive to work.

So what should you include in a feng shui office?

It’s a good idea to go for a palette that blends effortlessly. Most feng shui offices stick with pale blues, greens, oranges, and yellows. They go for a sandstone look, with pale gold and other complementary colors.

Then they finish the office space by incorporating dark browns and bright whites. The idea is that browns help to relax, while whites help to stimulate. Both contribute to creating that all important yin-yang contrast, fundamental to any feng shui design.

Incorporate stress relievers


Feng shui offices try to include as many stress relieving elements as possible. For instance, they work hard to reduce the number of sharp edges on display. Tables, ornaments, and lights are all rounded to the greatest extent possible.

Feng shui offices also try to reduce the amount of harsh lighting in the office. Harsh light can impair concentration and cause stress levels to rise.

They’re also not afraid of experimenting in other areas. Many use conditioning to keep the climate in the office under control. Air conditioning installers, like National Air Warehouse, can often do work tax-free, which is good news for startups.

They also try to include elements like the sound of running water and even the smell of essential oils. In a word, feng shui is multisensory.

Use suitable imagery and works of art

It should be noted that feng shui offices aren’t just about minimizing stress. They’re also about maximizing creativity. It’s been a feng shui principle for a long time to hang artwork on the walls to improve creativity.

But it’s only recently that the science has caught up. Feng shui offices should be decorated with flowers, images, quotes and inspirational photographs.

Make sure you’re seating in the “Power Position”


Perhaps this is the reason why Donald Trump loves feng shui: it puts you in the power position. Your desk should always be facing the door. Being in this position, of course, allows you to see what’s going on.

But it’s also got a metaphorical meaning too. When you sit with your back to the wall, facing the door, you avoid backstabbing and office politics. Does it work? You’ll have to try it to find out.

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