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We all experience times when we feel unmotivated. It happens in all workplaces, across every type of industry. This is why, for team managers, knowing how to inspire employees is very important. If you own a business, every day, you’ve got to convince your workers to leave their personal commitments at the door and dedicate themselves to the tasks at hand.

This is no easy feat and it requires excellent communication skills, as well as an efficient and streamlined work environment. To keep productivity levels high, employees need high-quality LED tube lights, comfortable furniture, and an open and transparent relationship with the leader of their team. Things like air conditioning can also be surprisingly helpful, as they improve the work space and reduce absenteeism.

This guide to recharging productivity levels in your office will give you some advice on how to motivate and inspire employees.

Invest in quality LED lighting

Good lighting is absolutely essential in an office because a lot of the work is done on computers and this can be a strain on the eyes. To ensure that employees stay comfortable and don’t damage their sight, you need to provide them with clear, practical task lighting. LED bulbs are recommended because they never flicker or emit toxins or UV emissions. Plus, they are very kind to the environment and use significantly less power than conventional bulbs.

Ask for feedback

The one thing that managers tend to miss when trying to improve the workplace also happens to be one of the simplest things to do. If you want to make sure that your employees stay happy and focused, get them involved in the decisions which affect them. Studies have shown, time and time again, that collaboration and interaction is the key to boosting morale and sustaining the highest possible levels of productivity.

Respect break times

You might think that investing in downtime is precisely the wrong thing to do if you want to increase productivity, but the opposite is true. If employees are provided with regular breaks and a pleasant, appealing environment in which to spend them, the time will feel more valuable. Instead of returning to their desks with a groan, they’ll come back mentally fresh and ready to apply themselves. Allow employees to spend time outside during their breaks, if they prefer, because exposure to natural light is a real energiser.

Trust your team

Ultimately, we all work in slightly different ways. While there will always be limitations and rigid rules to follow in an office, a little flexibility can go a long way towards enhancing performance. Try to accommodate small changes to routine or workplace habit, if they allow a person to achieve great results. Trust your team to know what works for them and what needs to be done to stir up motivation and keep things moving. This might be permitting the use of personal headphones or letting workers choose when they take their breaks.

Why good lighting is essential for a great business

You should never underestimate the importance of high-quality lighting because it has a direct impact on how long employees stay focused. It is hard to give your full attention to a task if the room is dim, dull, and uninspiring. So, perk things up by installing energy efficient LED lights with a long life and the potential for substantial cost savings. If you buy from a reliable provider, you won’t have to replace your LED bulbs for a number of years. The average LED can shine for as long as 50,000 hours.