Whether you’re looking to inject some extra money into your business or you just want to boost your income, there are plenty of ways to earn more money. Many of the moneymaking ideas out there probably haven’t even occurred to you before. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful ways for you to earn money.

Some of the things that you can do mean using your entrepreneurial spirit and taking risks. And others are about using what you already have at your disposal. Making money doesn’t have to be a huge challenge though.

You can often do well and earn money by using your common sense and grabbing every opportunity that comes your way. So, read on to find out about some of the best ways of making money right now.

Buy and sell at auctions

Buying and selling are at the core of any effort to make money. If you can do this successfully, you will make money in no time at all. That’s not to say that it’s always easy to do it well. One of the best ways to make money is from buying and selling at auctions.

You should look for antiques and things that are good at holding their value over long periods of time. Finding a way of making the things you buy increase in value before you sell them is essential if you want to make some money.

Sell your skills

Everyone is skilled in one way or another, so why not try to sell your skills? How you go about doing this will, of course, depend on what exactly your skills are.

So, think about what you can do and how it can be monetised. It might be a case of using your photography skills or writing something.

Maybe you’re good at arts and crafts, and you want to create something that can be sold online. It’s never been easier to make money from the things that you’re good at. Thanks to the internet, selling things has become very simple indeed.


If you want to invest but you’re not sure about entering the stock market, forex might be the solution for you. And if you want to get started but aren’t sure what to do, you could use a forex broker.

These people are professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. That way, you’ll get off to the right start. You might be a little confused at first, so start with small money.

As you grow in confidence and get to understand forex, you can start to spend bigger money. This is when you make more money too.

Buy-to-let investing

Buy-to-let investing is when you buy a home and then rent it out to tenants. This can provide you with a monthly return on your investment.

And then, after a while, you can make even more money by selling the property for more than you bought it for. More and more people are choosing to do this. Of course, being a landlord is not always easy.

But if you find good tenants, the money could start rolling in with few problems to hold you back. It might be something that’s worth considering if you want to make money on a long-term basis.

Rent out your parking space

People are always looking for places to park their car safely. In big cities, where secure parking spaces are rare, they can command a lot of money.

So, if you have an off-road parking space that you are not using, it makes sense to make some money from it. If you put up an advert, you should be able to find some interest.

If the parking space is in a garage, this will be even more attractive because of the added security that they offer cars. Alternatively, you could rent out a room in your home if you’re happy to take in a lodger in order to make some money.

Test software

If you have a head for technology and software, this is a great thing to do. Software testing is something that many companies need. And it’s not about hiring an expert to look for problems, bugs and loopholes.

That doesn’t work when you’re testing the user experience of a piece of software. Companies need ordinary people who have a basic grasp of software to try it out.

You can get paid for testing software for tech companies. Any problems or difficulties you experience during testing can then be reported back to the company paying you. It’s a pretty simple way to earn some cash.