The more you can engage with your customers, the more your business will prosper- that mantra is true whether you’re a market-leading multi-national or a plucky startup embarking on your first venture.

However, with many startups and small businesses struggling to cope with burgeoning overheads, particularly the rising cost of employing staff (exacerbated by recent issues like the national living wage) many are now exploring alternative solutions as they attempt to ensure growth and profitability. From improved efficiency to long-term financial savings, kiosks offer a plethora of benefits so read on to discover if touchscreen solutions could be perfect for your startup.

Touch screen kiosks

One of the most revolutionary technological advancements of the past decade has undoubtedly been the proliferation of touchscreens. From smartphones to kiosks, businesses across the globe have utilised the incredibly intuitive features they provide and touchscreens have proved to be a great way to engage with customers.

If you’re in the retail sector, a kiosk that plays out a customised video or presentation to passers-by is a great way to attract attention and increase brand awareness. Whether it’s in a busy shopping area, at a convention/trade show or even out on the streets; the effect will be the same and it allows you to convey your brand image, attract shoppers and gain competitive advantage.

Even in store, a unit that enables customers to seamlessly browse your product range or place orders can be extremely beneficial in terms of increasing repeat trade and enhancing the customer’s shopping experience.

Improve efficiency

It’s no great secret that computers can carry out multiple tasks with greater efficiency than employees, making them an ideal alternative to traditional customer service options. Virtual reception kiosks can give customers an introduction to your business and allow visitors to sign in, freeing up time for your staff members to carry out other tasks that will save your business both time and money. Additionally, self-service kiosks reduce wait times, enhance the buying experience and can increase revenue-capturing opportunities.



Advertising your new business can be done in a variety of different ways but the chances are that you’re not going to have significant funds to invest in promotion via expensive mediums and you will want to promote your business to as many people as possible.

By employing kiosks and digital signage solutions for advertising purposes, your message can reach a vast audience and you can exploit many different and exciting ways to deliver your content, such as video, that just wouldn’t be possible via traditional mediums like print.

Kiosks also enforce brand recognition and can cut through the white noise that clouds the minds of customers.

Sourcing kiosks

Finding the right kiosk or touchscreen solution to suit the requirements of your business is an important endeavour which is why it’s essential that you do your research and source your unit(s) from a reputable manufacturer, ideally one that specialises in both hardware and software solutions.

In the UK, touch screen solutions suppliers Cammax offer a complete end-to-end service and have years of experience in delivering bespoke solutions for all types of different businesses, or a quick Google search or glance at your local business directory should point you in the right direction.

It’s important to remember that kiosks are now capable of carrying out a multitude of different tasks and the design and functionality of your kiosks or touchscreen solution can be tailored to include peripherals that can help numerous fractions of your business.

Although an initial investment is required, which can be a hurdle for some startups, the benefits of kiosk solutions over the short, medium and long-term are exponential and in this ultra-competitive environment any approach that can lead to competitive advantage should at the very least be considered.