You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about the importance of SEO. Heck, we’ve written a lot of SEO in the past. All these tips may be essential, but it’s important that you understand precisely why SEO is so important. How does it actually work? Why is consumer behavior so affected by it? And is it really as essential as people like to say it is?

We’re going to be looking at the things you need to keep in mind when dealing with SEO. We’ll be looking at the consumer attitudes that ultimately affect SEO. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the elements you need in your strategy.

The power of relevance

So how exactly do searchers feel about the results they get from a search? It’s important to understand exactly what consumers think affects SEO for a company. (Even if they’re not fully aware of what SEO is, exactly!)

A lot of people believe that popularity is the most important factor when it comes to the search results. But most people actually believe that relevance to the search term is the ultimate determiner!

This, of course, is the most useful to a consumer. Getting the SEO relevancy right for your website can be pretty tricky. This is why so many people choose to work with SEO specialists like Clayton Johnson.

The position on the page

You’ve probably heard about the term “Google ranking” in the realm of SEO. This refers to your position in the returned search results. The higher up you are, the more likely it is that someone is going to click through to your website. In fact, it’s estimated that around half of searchers will end up clicking on the very first link and not click on any of the others at all.

Searchers know that more recognizable brands are going to be featured high in the search results pages. They also connect that position with trustworthiness. The further down you are in the search results, the more people will suspect you’re not trustworthy enough to do business with!

Adverts versus organic

So what exactly is an organic result? Well, it’s basically what it sounds like. It’s a result that appears in Google as a natural result of your search terms. People are much more likely to click on an organic result than they are an advert. And though you may think of organic-driven SEO as a form of advertising, there’s a difference between organic results and Google ads.

When you see a search results page, you may see adverts that run either alongside or above the organic search results. These will be clearly labeled as “sponsored” results. This is an artificial way for a company to ensure that their website appears prominently in someone’s search.

But most people will feel that these sites run the risk of being less relevant that the organic results. Remember I mentioned earlier that the power of relevancy is important to a searcher! So it’s best to have a campaign that’s focused on achieving organic hits instead of hits driven by advertisements.


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    Founders should also realize that, even if getting a high rank in the SERPs is long and tiring, this will lead to long term visibility. On the contrary, ads last as long as you pay. When you stop paying, your visibility is gone.

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