If you’ve ever been curious about what it takes to be a successful investor, you’re not alone. Many individuals aspire to build their wealth through smart investing choices. The problem is the majority of the population has limited knowledge about the financial business.

In this industry, knowledge is power, so if someone doesn’t understand how investing works, it’s unlikely he or she will be successful. The good news is that there are several ways to increase your knowledge about finance. Here are eight easy tips to help you develop the expertise needed to understand the industry.

1. Talk to an advisor

The first thing you should do if you want to learn about the latest investment strategies and the top ways to build your personal wealth is to meet with a financial advisor. Getting advice from a professional with experience in the industry is one of the best ways you to navigate this complex industry..

2. Read articles about the industry

Another way you can start to develop knowledge in this field is by reading as much as you can. Start by researching information about the industry from the most popular publications related to the stock market and other investing activities.

A place to start is MakeUseOf.com’s “6 Best Sites for Keeping Up-to-Date With Financial News.” By reading these types of publications regularly, you’ll start gaining a more thorough understanding of how the markets work. Over time, you’ll start to feel more comfortable when making your own decisions about your wealth’s potential.

3. Join an investment club

Investment clubs are another great way you can help develop a higher level of understanding of the world of investing. In some parts of the country, there are local investing clubs to join. These clubs may sponsor regular activities, like workshops and classes, that help members learn about investing and investment strategies.

4. Subscribe to an RSS feed

An easy way to get information about the field sent directly to your inbox or smartphone is by subscribing to an RSS feed. RSS stands for rich site summary and allows you to receive targeted information about a particular topic or from a specific news source every time new details are available. You can learn about the current industry trends and start to understand what it all means.

5. Follow top social media accounts

Social media is another tool that helps aspiring investors develop a better understanding about where to put their money. Many smart investors follow helpful financial gurus or investment firms through Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This gives them access to helpful tips or insight into where the market may be headed or what next steps to take.

6. Partner with an expert

Another helpful way to give yourself a better working knowledge of the financial industry is to pair yourself with an expert. When interviewing potential advisors, make sure you are comfortable with how they approach investing and are transparent about fees, levels of service, etc.

7. Download an industry app

Finding an industry-centric app that helps get your financial literacy up to speed is relatively easy these days. Once downloaded, you have instant access to information and advice directly from your smartphone.

One such app is the Fisher Investments app on iTunes. The app provides both new and seasoned investors access to market news, useful advice, and expert insight from the top financial professionals at Fisher Investments.

8. Watch market news shows

The last way to begin understanding how the financial markets work is by watching informative news shows. Try flipping the channel to the leader in financial news, CNBC.

This channel’s main focus is on financial news and can help viewers develop a stronger working knowledge of investing. This may help you feel more comfortable developing your own investment strategy.

The best and most successful investors are also the most knowledgeable. If you’ve been intimidated by the learning curve, you can overcome the feeling by accessing the many different sources of information about the financial industry. And as you learn, you can begin crafting your strategy to help grow your long-term wealth goals.