Airbnb is insanely popular in major cities in the world. The peer-to-peer online platform remains at the forefront of short-term property rental. This opportunity has brought a lot of freedom and new business to the property lettings market place. And the number of hosts and guests can only increase as property owners get conformable with short-term rent.

Being an Airbnb property manager is like running a business – shaky and uncertain at times, but highly rewarding. Managing your own property involves a lot of work. And maximising your Airbnb income requires a considerable effort.


Details like listing your property on Airbnb, professional cleaning, basic supplies, and putting together a guest manual can take a lot of time. And you have to be permanently available and prepared to help your guests with anything they don’t understand. Managing Airbnb can take up to 40 hours of work per month.

For busy professionals, self management can be a huge challenge. Pass The Keys wants to help you list and mange your property whilst you go about your normal business. You can make that extra income and enjoy a good vacation without any worries.


Pass The Keys makes the short-term rental process easy and stress free for both hosts and guests. The Airbnb hospitality company lets you short let your property on multiple platforms including Airbnb, Homeaway and TripAdvisor hassle-free.

Founded by Alexander Lyakhotskiy and Zoe Vu, the company helps its clients to list their places, price the property, organizes cleaning, laundry and guest meet & greet. The company also provides extra concierge services for guests to make sure they enjoy their stay and are willing to provide great reviews for the property.

Pass the Keys’ goal is to help thousands of people access the sharing economy in an easy and convenient way. Driven by technology and innovation, Pass the Keys has come up with a scalable solution for efficient management of multiple tasks required for Airbnb and other short let hosting.

Learn more about Pass the Keys’ services. You can fill out their short-let income assessment form and the team will do a specific valuation for your property in London for free. Follow Pass the Keys on Twitter @PasstheKeysUK.