There are now 1.66 billion users accessing Facebook through mobile devices every month. As such, it’s never been more important that marketers have a social media marketing strategy for communicating with their customers. Not only can it serve as a personalized customer service line, it’s a lucrative way to promote your products and services to people who are actually interested in buying.

If you’ve been slacking on your social media efforts, these mind-blowing Facebook statistics will inspire you to get back to the social media grind (and keep it mobile-focused, too).

1. 1.1 Billion users are active every day

This means you have access to 1.1 Billion active users every day.  Well, not everyone is a customer, but that is a gigantic database of potential to reach the users that are customers.

2. Over half of Facebook users only log in with mobile devices

56.5% of Facebook’s users are strictly using it from mobile platforms.

That’s Crazy!

Think about it, if you are ignoring mobile formatting with you content, you automatically cut out a major portion of your opportunity pool!

If they can’t get it on their mobile device, over half of them won’t get it at all.

3. Facebook is used in 37 different countries

That’s 37 different countries that you have the potential to connect with and spread your brand to.

That’s 37 different areas around the world that could see what your brand are doing, and become your next customer.

Throwing away that potential is just like deliberately trying to fail.

4. Facebook has ties to 62% of the mobile apps download in May of 2016

Facebook had ownership of 62% of the apps that were downloaded to mobile devices in May of 2016.

I don’t know about you, but to me that’s almost unbelievable.

In May of 2016 alone, 60% of the people who just got a phone downloaded something tied to Facebook.

That means people could have even more opportunity to see your content depending on what they use.

Oh the potential of mobile marketing.

5. 81% of Facebook advertising revenue come from mobile usage

Facebook advertising can be the backbone of your content marketing plan, but if you are ignoring mobile, you are ignoring a market that is more likely to convert.

Of all the ads you see on Facebook, most of them convert on mobile devices.

It’s seriously time to rethink your strategy if mobile isn’t on your forefront.

6. Facebook lite sees 100 million active users a day

The lighter version of the mobile Facebook App, called Facebook Lite, was made to minimize the Facebook Apps battery draining power and data hungry tendencies on mobile devices.

This platform alone sees over 100 Million active users every day.

7. Mobile only users of Facebook are looking to hit over 1 billion a Month

The growth of only mobile Facebook users passed the 50% mark in 2015, and is over 1 Billion in 2016.

That’s 1 Billion people waiting to see your content.

8. Monthly active users is on the rise all over the world

Facebook is only growing in popularity.

All over the world millions and millions of users join Facebook each year.

The biggest of these growth is happening in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of sheer numbers, but it’s the US & Canada that take the cake when it comes to money.

9. Facebook advertising generates $7011 million dollars in revenue

Year after year, each quarter is seeing growth in revenue from Facebook advertising.

  • Q3’14 – $3203 Million
  • Q3’15 – $4501 Million
  • Q3’16 – $7011 Million

This constant Growth says two things about Facebook Advertising.  It gets you to your customers, and it works when you have great content.

Remember where 81% of those sales are coming from?

That’s right, mobile.  Mobile needs to be part of your strategy, or you won’t get the full potential from any of your campaigns


It’s safe to say that ignoring mobile users and social media should be a thing of the past, but there are still some who are holding out.

With millions of users all over the world accessing Facebook with only mobile devices, it’s time to bring mobile friendly content to your strategy to reach more customers.

There is a marketing revolution happening around the world in every person’s pocket, and if you aren’t planning your strategy to be accessible to that revolution, you aren’t getting the most out of your content.

If that is you, it’s time to switch tactics and jump on the growth happening in every person’s pocket around the world.

There are many inventive and creative ways to implement mobile friendly content into your marketing strategy, share some of your tips and tricks in the comments below! :)

Bill Ecksel is a graduate of the University of Michigan and has been a journalist for over 10 years. He has written for numerous local and regional publications and is the Chief Editor for Industry News Corp. He has written on many topics over the course of his career but is currently focusing tech and startup companies.