Safety is a huge concern for every home. All our homes have smoke detectors that detect high levels of smoke and warn us if there is a hazard. However, they don’t intervene and prevent the situation from getting worse.

The team at Inirv are passionate about keeping people and their homes safe. The company is crowdfunding a great step towards protecting your home.

Inirv has designed a smart product that not only prevents hazardous situations, but reacts to prevent them from escalating.

Inirv React is a failsafe smart device that senses when there is gas or smoke coming from an oven that was accidentally left on and signals the kob units via Bluetooth to turn it off.

Its sensors and electronics enable it to detect high levels of smoke, natural gas, and lack of motion, and react quickly to keep users safe.

The sensor unit houses the gas, smoke and motion detectors that monitor your kitchen’s environment. If it senses high levels of smoke or gas, or if the motion sensor recognizes that the stove was left on accidentally, this unit signals the knob units via Bluetooth technology to turn off your burners.

It is compatible with many gas and electric stoves and has Wi-Fi capability that allows users to control their stoves remotely and receive updates regarding their kitchen environment.

You can control individual burners through your phone. The smartphone app allows you to easily monitor your kitchen environment and status of your stove.

You will also receive real-time alerts if a hazard is detected or if you left the house with your stove on. But you don’t just get alerts! You can turn your stove off or change the temperature right from your phone!

Inirv React will be showcasing their innovative product at CES 2017 with product demos. Media is invited to visit the Inirv React booth located at Booth #50827 in Eureka Park.

To learn more about Inirv React or to pre-order, visit