The key to getting your startup company moving in the direction of increased sales is to make it appear larger and established. Putting a professional image forward from the very beginning is as important as the quality of your services offered or the products you supply. The good news is that technology can make it happen for you quickly with a lot less out-of-pocket expense than you might realize.

1. Consider multiple locations

While as a sole proprietor you may not think you can have more than one location, but you can. Today you live in a virtual world where the appearance of most anything imaginable is possible. There are companies that supply clients with a digital mailbox. Using this service you can obtain a physical address and several business addresses, all of which you can place in metropolitan city locations.

This instantly gives you credibility and creates the appearance of having many customers across the country.  Also, if you run your business out of your home you can create a physical address in your town that doesn’t actually identify your real address, keeping your home completely out of the business.

2. Make your website user friendly 

Your website is the place where potential customers will go to view your services or supplies. Here first impressions really matter, since it’s the only viewing of your company that they can see. Make sure your website has a professional look, engaging and informational format and a unique logo that stands out.

Don’t worry if you are not computer literate, many people create excellent websites without any experience at all. There are many places you can go on the net to gain insight as to how to start and if all else fails you can hire a service to put it together for you. This is a place where the investment is worth every penny spent.

3. Make the most of social media

You may already have a page of your own on a social media website. If you want to gain recognition and seem larger than what you are, having an advertisement for your business will help. You can have the ad appear several times throughout the day or night, depending on the age group you are trying to attract.

The great part about using a platform like Facebook is that you’ll also get additional exposure for free. Every time someone puts a like on your advertisement it stays on their page. This means that when others view their page they automatically come across your ad.

It’s important not to advertise on more than one or two so that you are able to keep up with your page and make comments on the posts after they happen. Letting your page sit dormant without any response from the business will have the opposite effect.

4. Make payments easy for customers

The biggest difference in a small business and a large corporation is the resources at their disposal. Not only are they setup to accept all forms of payments but they have a staff that monitors sales. Don’t limit your website to just PayPal. Instead, use one of the online services that cover all bases.

They charge a low monthly fee and often include other services like tracking of your sales, the average age of your clients and identifying repeat customers. These tools can prove of great value and instrumental in giving you additional information that you can capitalize on quickly without the need for additional employees.

When it comes to your small business, creating the appearance of being a world traveler can help to attract more customers. People want a company that’s established, reliable and trustworthy. Take care to put together a website that’s informative, attractive and easy to maneuver through and get your name out there and the rest will naturally fall into place.